2003 Lynx Fan Memories: Part 2

Shortly after the 2003 Lynx campaign ended, we asked for your favorite memory of the season. Part 1 listed responses about the first game in Lynx playoff history. Here are more responses from fans:

Having courtside seats for the Seattle game that Katie buried the last-second shot to win. I think that shot put us in the playoffs. Without that win, we could have been in a tiebreaker situation with Seattle, and their hunger at the end of the season was pretty big. So, as far as I was concerned, Katie earned her paycheck with that one shot.
Kimberly (Plymouth)

It's a tie between Katie's final buzzer beater shot against Seattle and the win against LA in Game 1 of the playoffs.
Lynn (Minneapolis)

I have two favorites. First is Tamika Williams' steal and game-winning layup to beat the LA Sparks in game one of the playoffs. Second is Katie Smith's game-winning baseline jump shot against the Seattle Storm. Nothing better than game-winning shots, right????
Amber (Hastings)

Katie Smith's 4,000th point!!!!
Sarah (Indianapolis)

After Katie was unstoppable at Seattle June 14th, scoring 32 points, Lauren Jackson, the mvp for the season, said "we were not mentally prepared for Katie tonight." Is that the ultimate compliment coming from one of her opponents? She may not get the press but she has respect in the league.
Darcy (Logan)

1) Mika's offensive play in the playoffs, averaging 16.5 points a game. I knew she has it in her.
2) The Lynx's first playoffs & win.
3) First win ever over the Sparks.
4) Finally seeing the Lynx play in person vs the Detroit Shock. (I'm sorry the Lynx lost that overtime game.)
Manni (Toronto)

Home game (vs. CONN?), Lynx are pulling away. Kristi Harrower passes to Tamika Williams on a fast break, but Tamika can't quite get to the overthrown pass, which goes out of bounds. Next time down the court, Katie, "T" and the others on the bench are obviously giving Tamika a bad time about not being fast enough to get to the ball. Tamika responds by emphatically patting both hips with her hands as if to say, "Honey, these are for reboundin', not runnin'!"
CO (Mpls)

I really enjoy the games win or lose. The Lynx play their hearts out and they look like they enjoy the game and the fans. It's nice to know we make a difference to them. Thanks, girls, for a great year!!!!
Liza (Minnetonka)

So many this season - way to go, Lynx!! Though maybe not a "moment," my admiration for the Lynx is greatest when I think of the last game, and the evident relief on the LA faces when there was only about 20 seconds left. The defensive intensity of the Lynx in that game was so fierce, and we kept generating the turnovers that might turn the game, that NO ONE believed the Lynx were out of it until the last 20 seconds. LA was scared, and it showed, and the game was much, much closer than the final score indicated. I have never seen my Lynx play so hard and so impressively. Have a great off-season, everyone - can't wait for next year! Fondest regards,
Sharon (Pensacola, FL)

The comeback win over the Sparks was a defining moment for Lynx basketball. Not only will this victory be praised as a favorite memory of the 2003 season, it will undoubtedly be a game to remember in franchise history. It was also a breakout game for Williams. We got a lot from this game, including the now famous and patent kick from Edwards. We also got the patented 3-pointer from Smith, to set up the win.
    Although I know this post asked for only one favorite memory, I believe that the following comment is worthy of mention as well. The hiring of coach McConnell Serio made all of the above possible. Her system and style of coaching has made basketball more exciting in Minnesota. The Lynx, under the guidance of McConnell Serio and her staff, will give us plenty of memories to come! Congratulations on a successful and exciting year. GO LYNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie (Pittsburgh)
The playoff rally at the mall of america was my favorite moment. We as fans got to see our team in an excited yet relaxed atmosphere, giveaways, trivia, and the ability the have conversations with my favorite players. All in all a great time, with a great team and coaches.
chuck (minneapolis)

Every time 5'4" Kristi Harrower got a rebound in the middle of 6'+ players!
Julie (St Paul)

My favorite memory was definitely when i got to go to the lynx game on july 25th right after i got home from basketball camp!! plus i got kristi harrower and jordan adams signatures on my new basketball!!! I keep it in a box in my room and no one is allowed to touch it!
Brooke (Red Wing)

my favorite memory was at the last home game against detroit. after the game the players signed autographs. some players only signed a few but michele van gorp and kristi harrower stayed on the court and signed autographs for like 2 hours and i just really think that was so super nice and i know it made my day. thanks michele and kristi
maria (blaine)

Finally making it to a game between the Lynx and Sparks on the 21st of August and seeing Svet, Katie, and Co.
Danny (Lancaster, Ca)

My favorite Lynx memory was when my sister and I flew down to Phoenix, AZ to visit my friend who I graduated with. At the same time I got tickets and got to attend the Lynx vs. Phoenix Mercury game on August 20th. That game was when we clinched the playoff spot. After the game I was able to meet with some of the players to say congratulations! This was a great game not only for the team but for the fans as well!
Millie (St. Cloud)

When Jordan Adams had the first double-double of the season. Go Jordan!
Summer (San Jose)

My favorite moment was watching the Lynx as they beat the other teams to make it to the playoffs. They have such an incredibly strong, solid team with an excellent coaching staff, and have proved that they are definitely a team to watch in the future of the WNBA. I very much enjoyed watching and rooting for the Lynx. Go Lynx!!!!!
Eileen (Woodlawn, NY)

when the lynx made it to the playoffs
kemia (st. paul)

I will always, always remember Teresa Edwards' innovative 'kick it' move to stop the clock in the game against LA. It was priceless! I've really enjoyed watching our new additions Teresa and Sheri, and I really wish I had seen the game where Jordan got to show her stuff and played what sounded like a great game. Janell would be 'most improved' and Tamika was really taking it to a new level at the end of the season. I'm looking forward to next year!!
Cyndy (St Louis Park)

Seeing the team win the season opener was fun but to pick 1 of many MOMENTS ... I would go with Sunday, June 1, 2003, the final seconds of overtime when it was clear that the Lynx were going to beat the Houston Comets for the first time in team history. As the clock ticked down my knees were shaking & it was just such a good feeling to see the players so happy & fans going crazy.
    To see the team win a game that in years past they wouldn't have pulled off showed how far the team had come; how hungry they were to show people the Lynx could play with any team in the league.
    As someone who has followed this team from day 1 in 1999, there were so many favorite memories from this season. That is why to me the whole season was SPECIAL because there were so many special moments that happened at the Target Center that we got to experience with this team. Way to go, ladies, THANK YOU!
Val S (Minneapolis)

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