After the 2004 Lynx season ended, we asked for your favorite memory of the season. Here is the first set of responses:

My favorite Lynx memory of this season was when Svetlana came back. You would be crazy not to love the way she plays, and her attitude. She never will argue a call by the ref (even if it was a very bad call). She respects everybody, and is a great role model toward people like me. You would be crazy to dislike her, and not having her would have put us in some trouble at times in games, especially ones without Katie.
Maddie (rosemount, minnesota)

Watching Svet come back and contribute to the team to help the Lynx make the playoffs.
Stephen (Hazleton, Penn.)

My favorite moment this year was meeting Katie Smith after the win against the Ct. Sun. She impressed me with her 27 points but mostly with the way she represents women's basketball. She was a pleasure to meet and I wish her luck with her rehab. Good luck next season.
Laura (New London, Connecticut)

One of my favorite times through out the season was all the comeback games, and how the whole stadium went crazy. But my all-time favorite moment was meeting Amber Jacobs, my favorite player! I was in total shock.
Jamie (Rogers, Minnesota)

My favorite part of this season was seeing Tasha Butts play and her intensity she brought when she got on the court. I knew she would bring that to the Lynx because she did it in college.
Ashley (Grove Hill, AL)

My favorite part of this season was when my family drove to Minnesota to visit Suzie and when we went to one of the games, I got to meet Katie Smith and do the ball swap thing. It was a blast!!!!!
Laura (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Draft day — taking the big kids!
Cameron (La Crosse, WI)

My favorite Lynx memory was Nicole Ohlde joining the team. You couldn't have made a better pick. Good luck next year, ladies!!!
Danielle (Wichita, Kansas)

I loved watching Nicole Ohlde make such a success in the WNBA this year. She became my favorite player very fast. I love you LYNX!
Sarah (robbinsdale, mn)

My favorite memory was no doubt the WNBA draft when Nicole Ohlde got drafted 6th overall! I've been watching her since she was a freshman at K-State. It was awesome watching her grow!
Cindy (Manhattan, Kansas)

My favorite memory of the Lynx season was the July 9-11 weekend when we drove 500 miles from Kansas on my birthday to see our hometown girl, Nicole Ohlde, play for the Lynx. We had a fantastic come-from-behind win over Phoenix on 7-9, and then an overtime win over Sacramento on 7-11. We brought really huge signs for Nicole and the atmosphere was just great.
   After the Sacramento game there was a photo/
autograph session and it was fun to watch Nicole interacting with her new public, just being the sweet friendly dimpled girl I've known for a long time. It was so good to see how the people of Minneapolis have embraced her. I can't wait until we can come again next year for a weekend. The Lynx are our team!
Janice (Clay Center, Kansas)

Nicole Ohlde: WOW, one of the best! Can't wait till next season.
Dwayne (Hutchinson, KS)

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