2003 Lynx Fan Memories: Part 1

Shortly after the 2003 Lynx campaign ended, we asked for your favorite memory of the season. Perhaps not surprisingly, a majority of responses mentioned Game 1 of the playoffs the comeback from 21 points down in the second half to win over the two-time defending champions in Minnesota's first-ever playoff game.

Here's what fans had to say about Game 1:

My favorite moment was when the Minnesota Lynx came back from a 21-point deficit and beat the L.A. Sparks in their first playoff game. I believe.... :)
Pattie (Crystal)

Seeing Katie Smith hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer vs Seattle was great, but coming back to beat L.A. in the first-ever playoff game takes the cake.
Tyson (Somerset, WI)

Beating LA in the first playoff game and having it be such a come-from-behind win. Also just plain having a winning season for the first time was an accomplishment all in itself. Way to go Lynx!!
Alyssa (Eagan)

Splurging for our first courtside tickets ever for the playoff game against LA and going crazy on the court when the Lynx won the game.
Nicole and Mark (Minneapolis)

No doubt about it the win over Los Angeles in the playoffs. It's a good thing I had my blood pressure checked before the game because I'm sure it wasn't normal during the game. The way Teresa Edwards kicked the ball out of bounds to disrupt LA's attempt to pull ahead during the last minute was fantastic!
Barb (Minneapolis)

My favorite moment had to be the end of the first playoff game. Although the Target Center was not as full as we would have liked it, the excitement was incredible. I knew at that last moment of the game that it didn't matter what the Lynx did from that moment on in the playoffs because they had proven to their fans that they are the real thing. I am a season ticket holder and couldn't have been prouder of them at that moment. The second best time of the season was the event at the Mall of America. You really got a chance to talk to the players and realized how personable they are. Some were shy, some were nervous, but they all were real and that is a rare thing for professional athletes. I can't thank Suzie enough for a great season. I hope everyone will be back in 2004!
Shirley (Eden Prairie)

It most definitely would have to be their first win over LA in four years/17 games. It was so great to BEAT LA at home. Way to go Lynx!! Thanks so much.
Vicki (Menomonie, Wisconsin)

My favorite memory of the season by far was watching the Lynx come back to beat the Sparks in the playoffs. Seeing them come back to win that game against a team that has always given them trouble will be a great memory for a long time to come, and makes me excited to see what our girls will do next year. Go Lynx! Katie rules!
Kami (Washington)

My favorite moment from the Minnesota Lynx was in Game 1 against the LA Sparks when Tamika Williams stole the inbound pass from Mwadi Mabika and then stole the game from Los Angeles. That play made me jump right out of my bed and almost hit my head on the wall... (laughs!)
Madison (Houston, TX)

My favorite moment was when Tamika Williams stole the inbound pass and made the layup to have a victory over the two-time champs, LA.
Mallory (Stillwater)

Game one in the playoffs. Two key plays, a three point shot by Katie Smith and a steal by Tamika Williams. And who was instrumental in both plays? A "great screen by Abrosimova" on the Katie Smith 3 and great pressure on the inbounder by Svetlana Abrosimova for the Williams steal.
Aleksey (Glastonbury)

It was definitely the playoff game. I usually held my composure in all the other games but this one I just let it go. I had never yelled, screamed (me?) and cheered so much in a game. For a 53-year-old that isn't as easy. The team really played their hearts out in that game and the rest of them too for that matter. We love our Lynx.
Jan (Crystal)

When katie smith tied the game with a 3-pointer at their first playoff game at home
Sam (Zimmerman)

My favorite moment was finally getting to watch the Lynx on television in their amazing comeback victory over LA in the playoffs!
Glenn (Virginia Beach)

Watching the players celebrate beating LA
Jill (Plymouth)

Winning that first playoff game was like a dream to me. I couldn't believe it.
1. We beat LA
2. We beat them in the playoffs
It was great! Go Lynx!
Sarah (Minneapolis)

There were some outstanding moments this year. I think my favorite was after we beat LA and watching Suzie raise her arms in the air in triumph! Watching the team gather again on the floor and the camaraderie that was so tangible and that seemed so sorely lacking in prior years. Sheri moving under the basket and cheering her teammates on. Michele dancing on the court. I was so proud of our Lynx that night that not making it to the next round didn't matter. I hope next year the Lynx get the press they deserve. I also was very proud on the WNBA site that all the other teams showed their star players. Our Lynx had the team photo. I'm very proud of every one of you and proud to call myself a Lynx fan and proud to be a season ticket holder from season one!
Helen (Minneapolis)

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