Sept. 10, 2004
Lynx 64, Storm 61
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"A great win tonight. We needed it. We talked before the game about challenging our veterans, and they are the ones that got it done for us tonight. Teresa Edwards really responded she dug deep and came up big. She played 30 minutes tonight. She hasn't done that since early in the season. But veterans know how to win, and she took it personally tonight. She looked like the old 'T' out there. She was doing everything. She looked like the 'T' I used to play with. She took over being the leader tonight."

"They continued to chip away after Seattle went up by nine points. They have confidence in each other and believe in each other, and I couldn't be more proud of the way they came back. We are still in a position to control what happens to us, and that's key. This team responded to pressure tonight."

"We definitely fed off our defense. Every stop gave us confidence on the other end... Every individual came up with big plays tonight. Our bench played huge. We stayed together as a team, and that was key for us. We have to find ways to win games if we want to be in the playoffs. Tonight, we faced a playoff team. We may see them again, but we need to be playing our best this time of year if we want to be in the playoffs."

"Ohlde had a big basket with the up-and-under shot at a key moment. Nicole is someone who can score in a variety of ways. She's had some big shots like that all season, but none bigger than that one tonight."

"A great atmosphere tonight. The fans were unbelievable tonight. They were tremendous."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"It was a big step in the right direction for us. Everybody is counting us out I began to be insulted. We have to put everything on the line every time we go out, because we know what we're capable of. This league is very competitive this year, and it's anybody's championship and the opportunity for anyone. It was a huge game for us to try to turn this around, after giving up two games we felt we should've won."

"They made a run at us in the second half, like every good team does especially a championship team like that... But we sustained the run. That was huge for us. They closed the gap and came at us hard. We knew we had to play 40 minutes, and that's what we talked about prior to the game playing 40 minutes and not having any letdowns. That's our only hope. We're not a team that can have letdowns."

"I'm not one to speak ahead (about the playoffs). It's game by game and preparation. I think we have a lot to prove, and hopefully I don't plan on going out like a little chump. I have worked too hard this season we have worked too hard as a team and we're not going to roll over and die."

"I think it's anybody's night on any night with this team, and when you find that one, two or three players, you just go with them. I felt good once I hit one of those 'threes' I felt good and confident. It's always important. Once you knock down some jumpers, your attitude is going to change."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"I think we knew as a team we had to put 40 minutes together. We had to go out and play a full 40-minute game. We came in at halftime and everybody said we had to come out and play a full half. Seattle is a tough team. We just needed a full team effort to go out and get the 'W'."

"I was trying to be more aggressive when I caught the ball. Our guards allow me to get the opportunities to be more aggressive. They allow me to get in the paint and catch the ball. I feed off everybody else, with them getting me opportunities to score and rebound... Give credit to people setting screens and getting me the ball at the right time."

"This is a whole different situation. In May, I was nervous. But the confidence the team and the coaches have in all of us to make any play at any time means a lot to all of us."

Storm Coach Anne Donovan
"This loss was extremely disappointing. This was a game I felt we should've won, and we just gave it away in the second half. We had a six-point lead at half and really surged to start the second half. I think everybody was pretty confident in the position we had put ourselves in. Then I don't know what happened. It was almost like we lost our fight... Possession by possession, Minnesota slowly chipped away at our lead, and we didn't counter them more than a few times. We basically just took a step back and said, 'Here, take the game.'"

"Against Detroit two days ago, I felt we had our focus and our fight the whole game. And then tonight, only two days later, to not have that same focus and fight is extremely frustrating for me. We are fighting for our playoff lives, and this team played with no sense of urgency tonight."

"Minnesota did a great job on Lauren. They zoned everything behind her, and didn't really guard some of our players on the floor. We needed someone to step up and hit the open shots, but tonight, no one showed that they were capable of filling that role. I haven't seen us execute so poorly for a while."

"I think Suzie had done a tremendous job with this team. The way she's got them playing now, without their star player Katie Smith, is a huge credit to her. She's gotten some of her veteran players to step up, and I think the leadership of Edwards, Darling and Williams showed through tonight. Then, to have Ohlde have the rookie season she has had, Suzie has put this team together nicely. I have a lot of respect for Minnesota."

Storm Forward Lauren Jackson
"I didn't get the ball very much tonight. When I don't get the ball, there's not much I can do. I was really frustrated by the defense they played on me. No one was able to step up, hit a few shots and open it up for me."

"This has been a big last couple of months for me. With the Olympics and now, starting the rest of this season with an injury, it has made it hard to get completely healthy. I am still not there yet. But I don't make excuses. I should've played a lot better, and my team should've played a lot better."

"Nicole Ohlde is a really good player. Some of the things she does remind me of myself. She's very strong inside, something you wouldn't expect by looking at her. I have a lot of respect for her game."

Storm Guard Betty Lennox
"We made too many careless mistakes tonight. We didn't execute down the stretch, we had too many defensive lapses, and missed a lot of open shots... We definitely did not take them lightly tonight. We prepared for them just as hard as we did when they had Katie Smith. We used our same game plan that won the game last time we came here when Smith was out with an injury. Tonight, we just weren't the better team. Minnesota was."

"We have four more games left. I'm not going to talk about the playoffs, because we're not there yet. We need to come out and play every game like it's our last and if we do, that playoff berth will be ours."