Sept. 3, 2004
Fever 69, Lynx 61
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We had so many opportunities. We missed layups, we missed wide-open jump shots, obviously we missed a lot of 'threes'... But we waited until we were down 10 to start playing more aggressively on both ends of the floor. We started getting more aggressive going to the basket. We started penetrating more, we set better screens, we found open people... We were just so passive until we started pressing. We had gotten down by too many to come back against a very good team, a team that can shoot free throws very well."

"Indiana came out and played with more of a sense of urgency. (They were) a team that needed a win, and we did not match that intensity until it was too late. We looked tired at times."

"This is our fifth game without Katie. These players know that they're the ones that are stepping up and getting the shots. It's a matter of confidence. It's a matter of becoming more consistent overall with shooting the basketball. It's finding ways to do the little things."
"We are still in control of what happens to us. We're talking about not depending on anyone else to help us make the playoffs. We have the opportunity to earn it outright. We have to be hungry, we have to play with something to prove... we have to play hungry. We're the underdog in every game we go into. The teams we have left all have Olympians. They have their go-to players. They're not missing primary players; we are. Without Katie, we automatically become an underdog. Teams still don't respect us."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"Give Indiana a lot of credit. They came out with a lot of intensity that we couldn't match. They hit all the big shots, and we couldn't. They made all their free throws, and we didn't. I strongly feel that with the youth on this team, if we're able to match a team's intensity, we're in a great position to win every game. Tonight we probably matched them intensity-wise for 10 minutes."

"We knew going in that they had lost their last six games before the break, and also knew that they weren't going to continue to lose with the veteran leadership they have. We weren't looking past them at all. I guess it just comes down to not making shots and we couldn't do that tonight."

"Not having Katie, we can't get down early period. We no longer have that cushion that I think most of us on this team always kept in the back of our head... 'It's okay if we get down early, because Katie will hit a few shots and get us back in the game.' We can't think like that anymore."

"The one thing that we found differently from the beginning of the season is that teams are scouting us a lot differently. Players that they never viewed as a threat, they're paying a lot of attention to. We need to know that people are preparing for us now, and that we're no longer an unknown."

"We need to be more consistent. Our rookies aren't rookies any more. They've had plenty of playing time moreso than a lot of other rookies in the league. I look at them all as players now, and expect them to be able to step up and play against the best. They will all be key in our playoff drive."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"Tonight we didn't match their intensity from the start. With the makeup of this team, we can't wait until we are down 10 to start turning it up. If we continue doing that these last six games, we're going to struggle to win."

"I was being double-teamed down low a lot tonight, so there were a lot of people open on the perimeter. I know I wasn't doing a good job of finding them all the time. A lot of our players were left open, and when we did find them, they couldn't connect."

"We were really confident coming into this game after our victory at Houston. After the first five minutes, it seemed like that wore off and for almost the rest of the game, that extra something wasn't there. I don't know what it was, but we have until next Wednesday to figure that out."

Fever Coach Brian Winters
"When they started to make a little bit of a run, we had a 10- or 12-point lead. They made a 'three' and we didn't get back in transition defense, and we made a couple of turnovers against the press. Their press is good and they are active with it, but we regrouped and settled down and once we did that, they had to foul us and we made the free throws."

"We lost six straight going into the break, and we retooled and regrouped, and changed our lineup a little bit. We've become a little more power-oriented team and we're looking inside more. For us it has been a good change we had gone from first place to last place in six games... We felt these first three games were crucial. The East is so close; everybody is within one or two games of each other. It's probably going to go down to the last day. Anybody could be a playoff team in the East."

"Any time you lose an 18-point scorer out of our lineup, that's hard to replace. (Smith) is an excellent player. You try to double her and take the ball out of her hands. We didn't have to do that tonight, so we could change our pick-and-roll defense. Give Minnesota credit; they are still in the playoff hunt."

Fever Forward Tamika Catchings
"It was important for us to get back on the win streak. We wanted to come back revitalized and look over everything we did before, and try to pick it up and win some games... It has been crazy. I was thinking before the game, last Saturday I was playing in the gold-medal game. A week later, we have played two games and tomorrow we play again. It will be good to sit back and relax and get mentally and physically revitalized. We have to take care of business tomorrow."

Fever Center Kelly Schumacher
"Tamika and I collided. We were both going for the ball in different directions after Helen shot it. It was her elbow. Ten stitches it's a record for me. Tamika had stitches last year here, so it's a yearly thing here. When I got hit, it wasn't that bad. It was numb. I saw the blood, but I wasn't dizzy or anything, so I could get it stitched."

"It's a totally different team. They miss Katie in a lot of different ways. She is a great player. She can always get her shot off and she is a great shooter and great penetrator. I see a different team with them sharing the ball more. I think they have more confidence and they're good. With more time, they can be a really good team."