Postgame Quotes: July 30, 2004

Storm 70, Lynx 55
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"This was a rough night. They made it very difficult for Nicole. Every time she touched the ball, they double- and triple-teamed her. They continually forced our perimeter players to make shots... Katie takes pressure off Nicole Ohlde. If Katie throws an entry pass into Ohlde, you don't leave Katie Smith. Our perimeter players need to make it easier on our post players. They need to make open shots when they double-team. They have to have the confidence. They can't look at it as pressure; they need to look at it as opportunity and challenge."

"Just look at the stat sheet. We shot 29 percent. It's going to be tough to win like that. We played with them in the first half and made a nice spurt at the end. They took over the game in the second half and never looked back."

"We know they have so many weapons. Betty Lennox was hot in the second half, and it was Sue Bird in the first. Our goal coming in was to limit Lauren Jackson. Eleven points is limiting her. She's one of the great players — if not the best — in this league. We double-teamed her with our post players. She adjusted and found other people, and they just stepped up. We needed to stay at home more. I thought we did a good job in one-on-one situations. Our post players just wanted to challenge every shot she took, and make her earn everything. I guess this is why they have the second-best record in the league."

"It didn't take long. I was ready to call a timeout four times in a row, then we would make a stop or get a turnover, and I hoped that would give us some momentum. Then we didn't score. It's never easy to come from behind, especially against a team like this with so many different players who can score."

"It would be very disappointing (to lose at Detroit). We have talked about finishing strong before the break. Detroit is a team that we're very familiar with. They will pose a lot of problems. They have great guards that like to post up, and they have one of the best transition games in the league, in addition to their great post players. We will have to play a great game to beat them."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"They're a good team. It was a good chance for us to prove something, and we didn't do that. They had too many weapons out there... They jumped on us really quick (in the second half), and I think they got very comfortable. Betty Lennox had a great game. Jackson started to read our double-teams real well. That's a good team. I can't take anything from them. We've just got to get better. We'll continue to do what we're doing to stay where we are, and we'll see them again. I definitely think we can compete with them."
"Of course it would've helped us tremendously if Katie was there, because then we would have a major offensive threat they've got to work (against). I think we all just shot bad. You just can't beat a good team shooting like that. There's no one thing that they did. We either win well together, or we lose well together."

Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"In the second half, they just got too comfortable. We didn't defend them very well; we didn't rotate very well. You have to play the same level as them for 40 minutes. Without Katie, we just couldn't make our own run... She's just so dangerous. She can score any time. Obviously we need her. We missed so many shots; that's why we need Katie."

"We were concentrating more in the first half. Every possession was very important. Somehow we lost it at halftime; it got away from us. The whole game, they kept getting more comfortable... We tried to get the ball inside, so Nicole and Hayden could play one-on-one to get Jackson in foul trouble. But we weren't spotting up very well, so it was hard for them to see us. They played good defense."

Storm Coach Anne Donovan
"We're a better team when we have the scoring balance that we had tonight. We got good contributions from both Lennox and Bird, and Edwards off the bench. Lauren Jackson is capable of going off for 25 to 30 points every night, but when she does that, that's not when we're playing our best. We're at our best when we're sharing the ball."

"I thought Lauren and the rest of our post players really did a nice job on Ohlde. She wasn't able to get anything going. I think it took them out of their offense early, and they started to force some things they usually don't... We're down one post player right now, so Edwards stepping up and putting up the numbers that she did was huge for us tonight. All season, our bench has been inconsistent, but this was one of those nights when they were on."

"We've had problems beating teams that are minus their star player. Tonight we had that same task ahead of us, but I thought we did a lot better job, winning a game that we should've won... Minnesota's just not the same team without Katie Smith. Her scoring ability creates havoc defensively. We usually have specific defensive sets just to defend her. That was something that we didn't have to have tonight, and I think that made our team defense a lot tougher."

"I have a lot of respect for Minnesota. Coming into the season, even though most people weren't picking them as a playoff team, I knew that they would be right in playoff contention. Katie Smith brings a confidence to the team that can't be matched, and the core of young players that they've assembled I thought were really going to compliment her well. And now going into the break, here they are in third place in the conference."

"This win was big for us tonight going into the break, because it puts us in second place by ourselves. Minnesota's a team that's chasing us right now. They've been the hottest team in the league. Even minus Smith, this win did a lot to restore the confidence that I thought the team had lost after losing to Houston."

Storm Forward Lauren Jackson
"It's great to play so well as a team, and have so many other people step up and make big contributions. We came off a tough loss, and I think some doubt started to creep into the locker room. Who knows what could've happened if we would've lost this game, and went into the break on a skid. This win gets us back on track, and puts us in a great position once the season resumes."

Storm Guard Sue Bird
"The last few games, I haven't been very aggressive on the offensive end of the court. The coaches stressed all week that I needed to come out and take it to the basket more, and shoot when I was open. I think playing against Helen Darling, who is a great defender that can really pressure the ball, really gave me the opportunity to drive by her and get going early. I also think that hitting the first couple of 'threes' in the first half really set the tone early."

Storm Guard Betty Lennox
"I have no extra motivation coming back here and playing. I've long forgotten all the bad stuff that happened when I was here, and now I just enjoy playing for the fans. Tonight I thought the Minnesota fans treated me really well. To be on the road and have them cheer for you when you're introduced, and be quiet for you when you're shooting free throws, is a great feeling."