Postgame Quotes: July 28, 2004

Lynx 66, Silver Stars 53
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We knew Shannon Johnson wasn't playing, but for us it doesn't matter who's playing and who's not. This was about us taking care of ourselves. This was about coming out and playing with a lot of confidence and getting started early in the game. I know San Antonio was struggling a little bit, but tonight it didn't matter. We were feeling good about what we were doing."

"This team is very unselfish sometimes too unselfish. They will make the extra pass and find open players. You will hear me say keep it simple, and that's what we will try to do offensively just make it easier for each other and keep it simple and make good passes."
"I think this team will feel confident they'll be able to win without Katie, but our next two opponents are tough. We got a little taste of that with Adrienne Goodson posting up tonight, but Sheri Sam is going to post up, Swin Cash will post up. Katie is usually the one who guards them, so it will be a test for us."

"Looking at our players coming off the bench, they are giving us a good rotation. I like who is coming off our bench, giving us a spark. I think this team realizes it will be a team effort to win, and they were ready for the challenge, they were excited for the opportunity and they had fun."

"We have the attitude right now that we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by just going out and playing hard. We have to feel like we are an underdog going into the next two games. It's a role I prefer, being an underdog. We can play with the mentality we have nothing to lose and play our hearts out, leaving it all on the floor."

Lynx Forward Tamika Williams
"There were no worries. We knew we could play with any team. We have rookies who've stepped up and made big contributions. We have veterans who've tried to step up. Our bench came back (from) 20 against Phoenix. Everyone's been in big-game situations. We have the components to put a lot together. Tonight, everybody gave a contribution. Everybody came up big. Everybody gave something."

"I think when you take a big element like Katie Smith away from any team or any great player from a team the team is going to rise. Now, how long they keep it shows the character of the team. There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to come back starving and anxious and wanting to prove things. From now on, these next two games will test our character."

Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"It is actually better for me to be out there longer. It's hard to get off the bench and get warmed up. It takes a while to get in the game... It's a lot easier (for us) and harder for the defense to play against us when everyone is passing and penetrating. It was just a lot of fun."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"I think a team has to change the way they play. Katie isn't out there, and that definitely changes people's perspective on the team. Everybody stepped up tonight, so they couldn't really take one thing away... Everybody needed to step it up a little more. We can't replace Katie, so we knew that we collectively just had to step it up and help a little bit more. We did that tonight. Everybody came up with something tonight, and that's why we won."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"Friday night is going to be a battle. Seattle's a great team. I think it's going to be a close game. I'm going to be as fired up as if I were playing on Friday... I'm not one who rants and raves, and goes on with inspirational things. I go out and just play. I don't need to say anything. They know what we need to do. I'm not going to get in their ear."

Silver Stars Coach Dee Brown
"We've had that problem all year teams jumping on us early. Teams get out more aggressive than we are, and we don't follow the challenge. We got down early against a good basketball team, playing at home with the crowd behind them. It's tough. You have to play a perfect game."

"We came out a little more focused in the second half, but when you're down 15 points after the first half, it's tough. You can't make any mistakes during the rest of the game to break that lead. We didn't do that at all."

"You knew that other players were going to step up. When your best player goes down, others will step up with an opportunity to show the coach that they deserve to play more. That's what good teams do. They'll figure out a way to win, no matter who's on the court. All you need is five players to play hard. They stepped up, and they all played with a purpose."

Silver Stars Forward Adrienne Goodson
"At this point, we can't afford to get off to a bad start. We're not playing well enough to be able to get off to a bad start. It showed tonight. We put ourselves behind the gun from the beginning of the game. It makes it really difficult for us to give ourselves a chance especially without having our leader, our point guard, out there. We needed to buckle down and get the job done, and it didn't happen."

"Toccara did a great job, being a rookie and trying to run the team. We just weren't getting after loose balls enough. They were coming up with loose balls. They were converting off the turnovers we had. They were turning the ball over just as much, but we weren't converting on those and that hurt us."