Postgame Quotes: July 11, 2004

Lynx 83, Monarchs 73 (OT)
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"That's what it's all about — we make it exciting. It was a great game. We got the stops when we needed to, and people hit big shots and came up with big plays. Katie Smith had a phenomenal game. She hit huge shots for us, and I thought Stacey Lovelace was great coming off the bench. It was a team effort, when you look at the minutes people played and the contributions. Even our bench talks to each other and meets their teammates coming off the floor. This group is special right now, and they're really coming together. I couldn't be more proud of the effort they gave tonight."

"It was just trying to get refocused in the little timeout getting ready for overtime. Just focused on going out with energy and believing we are going to win, and giving everything we've got for five minutes. And that's what they have done in OT. The offensive rebound by Ohlde was huge. It gave us more opportunities. They just came out with big plays, and Ohlde was fresh because she only played one minute in the first half because of foul trouble."

"Katie started out strong with a huge first half, and halfway through the second half I saw she only had 23 points. When a player has that type of first half, we needed to get her the basketball — get the basketball in her hands coming off screens and finding a way to get shots... Katie knows what she is capable of doing, and what this team needs for her to do. Tonight she showed it, and the team responded by being a great supporting cast and coming up with big plays when they needed to."

"(Hayden) will get a CAT scan. She took a good hit on the head and was light-headed. The CAT scan is tomorrow, and we'll go from there."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"At least tonight we didn't allow ourselves to get down 20. We maintained, and then they kind of grabbed the lead and went up three or five. But we continued to make plays on the offensive end. We never let them stretch it out, and then we picked up our defense toward the end — got some big stops and big boards. Finally in overtime, some people hit some key shots. Lass hit the big one that put us up five and gave us some breathing room... A lot of contributions from a lot of people."

"I was trying to be aggressive. I was hitting some shots and got some good looks, but we got everybody involved. We had a lot of people doing some things tonight, but I just had some good looks. The other night I didn't knock them down, but tonight I did... My teammates found me and set some good picks. It comes and it goes. Sometimes you get good looks, sometimes not."

"We're more focused, more energy. I think we're a little more disciplined. Our defense has picked up, which is a huge reason why we've been successful. And then execution and paying attention to the little things, and then everyone stepping up and making plays. This team has some confidence, and it has built game to game. Still, our turnovers tonight... We limit those a little bit, and maybe it doesn't go into overtime. Little things like that, we still can get better at. But winning this game is huge for us, and we've got a big one on Wednesday — which ought to be a lot of fun."

"Everyone did their thing, from the starters to the bench to everything. There are two halves to each game, and you can do nothing in the first half, then come out and be a superstar. That's fun. You can have the chance to redeem yourself. It's fun to play like that."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"We've only been up (at halftime) about one time this season, and we ended up losing that game. So at least we were up at the half in this game and ended up winning. It was just people stepping up, and everyone contributing when they had to. Katie stepped up, hitting her shots and with big plays. Our defense led to a lot of opportunities on the other end. That's something we have to continue to do."

"I think I had a record with fouls in the first seconds. It was kind of hard getting back into it, just finding the flow of the game — especially when I got my third one quick, too."

"We're just finally starting to click together. We're finally starting to find ourselves and get used to each other. We're definitely a young team, and a lot of people are new here. We're finally getting to know each other real well, and just starting to look better."

Monarchs Coach John Whisenant
"A win tonight would've been huge for us. We had our chances, but we just couldn't get it done. I don't know what it is about my team, but we seem to bring out the best games of the opposing team's superstars. Lauren Jackson had her season best a few games ago against us, and Katie Smith had hers tonight."

"Katie Smith showed why she is an All-Star, Olympian and one of the best players in the league tonight. She was shooting the ball outside the arc really well. Sixty percent for the game for 'three's is unbelievable. And it wasn't only wide-open 'three's — she made a majority of them with the shot clock running down. They were huge baskets for her team."

"Give the Lynx a lot of credit for their win. The difference was that they stepped up and made plays, and we simply did not. It's hard, because we had our chances... This has been a long road trip and we've had some tough losses along the way — but we still have found ourselves in the games. We just need to figure out how to execute when we really need a basket and really need a defensive stop."

"I thought we had a great shot to win this game in regulation. We had the shot we wanted, a layup, and we just didn't knock it down."

"We got outrebounded badly tonight, and that was one of the stats that I think cost us the game. We gave up 13 offensive rebounds, and a lot of them came at crucial times of the game... I play a lot of people just for situations like tonight, where the game might go into overtime, so that we can have the fresher team. That obviously wasn't the case tonight. They had the livelier legs — and too much Katie Smith."

Monarchs Forward Yolanda Griffith
"We had our opportunities, but couldn't sustain any lead that we got. Every time I thought we were starting to take the momentum away from them, they had a big shot or got a big stop on defense. It would be easier to take this loss if there was something obvious that cost us the game, but there wasn't. We were right there. We have to get better at executing in crunch time."

Monarchs Forward Tangela Smith
"This loss is very frustrating. We didn't play great, but we also didn't play badly. Once again, this team found themselves in position to win a game that we needed and should've won. We just couldn't get that one play that would've won the game for us."

"This has been a long road trip, but we can't make that an excuse for losing. Every team has to go through it. And this would've been a great time for us to make a run in the standings, but it just didn't happen."

"Katie Smith was huge tonight. It seemed every time they needed a shot, she was there to knock it down. When she's playing that well, there's not much you can do against her."