Postgame Quotes: July 9, 2004

Lynx 61, Mercury 59
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"You wrote a story of how we just fizzled in the second half, down 20 and just tanked it, right? Well, we make it exciting. And this is just a tribute to this team — that no matter what the scenario is on the floor, they just have a never-quit mentality. They continue to fight. They continue to believe."

"It definitely gives us a lot of confidence right now, because of the way we clawed after last night's game. This team was dejected last night. They were very disappointed. There was a lot of frustration. I said in the locker room before the game that I couldn't be happier to be playing another game right now, because of the opportunity to bounce back and transfer our frustrations into something positive tonight."

"That is just the way (Jacobs) played in training camp and during the exhibition season. She earned a spot on this team by what she did in training camp, and finally — probably because of the extended minutes — she was a difference-maker."

"It just paid off that we have used our bench. We've always said our depth was key for us, and tonight we proved it. They believed in each other. Every time we came into a timeout, there was a lot of energy. There was a lot of confidence. You could look into their eyes and see they weren't going down without a fight."

"Do you go back with your starters, or do you stay with the players who got you to that point? I think timing was key for putting Katie back on the floor, because she had that big assist and she had the great stop on Taurasi at the end of the game. Fatigue may have been a factor with Katie tonight, but she's a fighter. She went in and came up with big plays again."

"Down 20 at the eight-minute mark, we cleared our bench and just tried to go young and aggressive — and just tried to get players off our bench some minutes — but really looking to get it back to respectable... They (starters) were genuinely happy for the players on the floor. There's something special about a team when that happens. The chemistry is tremendous right now."

"That's the group of players that gets our starters ready every day in practice, so it's not something that's new to them, going against a starting lineup. We talked about climbing out one possession at a time. We're a team that plays better with a sense of urgency (rather) than just in the flow of the game. We can't just let things come to us... I told them at halftime, 'You'd better light a fire under each other right now.' We needed to come out with the same intensity and energy that we had to start the game. The experienced teams won't let us come back."

Lynx Forward Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert
"At the time I said, 'Look, we need to get in here, play and be aggressive.' At that point, being down by 20, we just went out there and started playing — sticking to the game plan and being way more aggressive in making them work for their shots."

"I knew if I had the opportunity, I was going to take the shot. I knew they would think Katie was going to shoot the ball. I told Katie I was going to set the pick and pop out, and both defenders would go with her. I said if both defenders rotate, then I could go to AJ, who would be wide open. When Katie went up, I thought she was going to shoot it, but then she kicked it out to me."

"We ran a full-court press. When we made a basket, we could press — and if we didn't, we couldn't. So it was a good thing we were hitting, and Amber was coming off screens and shooting with confidence."

Lynx Guard Amber Jacobs
"Coming in at halftime, Suzie said, 'We dug ourselves a hole. We have to come back again. This game is not over. We have done it before.' And she had total faith and confidence in our team. I thought the starters gave us a little momentum, and then she put in the subs — and you have nothing to lose when you're down by 20. You're just going to come in and make a lot of hustles plays. I thought we moved the ball really well offensively. All of a sudden, we were down three. That was when I finally looked up at the score, and I was like. 'Wow!'"

"Having five subs, maybe Phoenix relaxed a little bit being up by 20. And we had nothing to lose, so we just gave it our all. 'It's one by one,' Suzie said. 'We need a stop, then a score. We can't do it all at once.'"

"It was a tough call (last night at Indiana). Obviously you're a little disappointed and frustrated. We tried to carry that energy and frustration into tonight's game, and be energized and fight hard. We lacked a little energy in the first half, but we didn't give up and fought to the buzzer."

Lynx Forward Amanda Lassiter
"It's a challenge. We had to step up. The bench had to come out there and prove we could help the team, just like the starters did. I think we did that tonight. It was a total bench effort, and we felt we had to come out and do it. Our starters said, 'Let's go,' so they were giving us love. To the last 10 seconds, we were on our toes."

Mercury Coach Carrie Graf
"That was a complete disaster. We lost our momentum, we lost our focus, we couldn't stop them on defense. They came at us, and we didn't respond. It's as simple as that... Usually, playing from behind is tough in this league. But tonight we really helped them out. I've never seen this team self-destruct the way it did tonight."

"Their bench had nothing to lose. When you come into the game down 20 points, you can play loose and free — and they definitely did that. We didn't stick to our game plan, and completely lost our composure... (Pierson's) missed layup was the nail in the coffin. I half-expected her to miss it when she went up for it."

"They were the ones coming off a back-to-back, so they should've been tired. But I think it was pretty obvious that we wore down more than they did at the end of the game."

"We couldn't get that one stop we needed, after they cut it under 10. All we needed was one stop, and it would've completely changed the momentum. Give them all the credit in the world. They hit all the big shots, and we couldn't buy a basket."

"Basketball is about runs and momentum. When a team makes a run at you and steals momentum, if you're a good team, you can take it right back. In that regard, this team has a ways to go."

Mercury Guard Anna DeForge
"We just didn't finish this game tonight. It was completely unacceptable, and I am very embarrassed right now. I don't know how we lost it in the second half, but we sure found a way to."

"You can't take anything away from them, because they hit their shots. They never gave in or gave up. We lost our focus. It really wasn't anything specifically that they threw at us differently. In this league, if you give a team open shots, they're going to hit them. This is professional women's basketball. You can't expect to win games when you leave the other team so wide open."