Postgame Quotes: June 30, 2004

Lynx 58, Comets 50 (OT)
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"We like to make it exciting, that's for sure. We talked about it in the locker room, that we can turn the corner off of this win. We need to build off this. It showed the fight in us and our never-give-up mentality... It seemed like it was 36-31 forever. We kept getting defensive stops, but we couldn't convert them. We kept digging. Every play and every possession was huge for us."

"Katie Smith made huge plays. Nicole Ohlde made huge plays. Teresa Edwards made big plays. Helen Darling knocked down a big jumper in overtime. In every sense, it was a team win. Every player who was in, contributed. Some might say it was an ugly win. It sure wasn't pretty, but we'll take it."

"We were down three with 17 seconds left. We ran exactly the play we wanted to. We knew that if Katie Smith sets a screen, they would be very tight on her. The plan was to get the ball into Ohlde, then look for a steal immediately — and if not, foul right away. 'T' made a picture-perfect pass. It's a pass we've had trouble with in the past, but it was on the money — and Nicole had the presence of mind to put it in. Then Katie made a huge play to put the game into overtime."

"It certainly would've been frustrating (to lose in overtime). This team is tired of losing. It's a completely different atmosphere in the locker room after a win, especially after one that's come-from-behind. If nothing else, for confidence sake, this is a huge win."

"(Darling's rebound) was huge. I've watched Helen Darling play in college, and I played with her in Cleveland. She's the kind of player that likes to get in and rebound. Man, was it a huge play. It got us the ball and forced them to foul someone like Katie Smith, a player that we want to have the ball in those situations."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"I missed a lot of open shots for most of the game. I had a lot of good looks, though. The coaches kept telling me to stay aggressive, that if I kept getting a good look, to shoot it. The shot I made to tie it wasn't the best look I had all night, but it was almost as if I willed it to go in."

"This game was crucial. It gives us a lot of momentum, and hopefully we can carry that over to Saturday's game against Detroit. The last three games I've been very disappointed in my effort and in the team's effort, and I'm glad we were able to turn that around tonight."

"This was a defensive battle for most of the game. People might look at the box score and think that it was a horribly played game. My comment would be, yes it was at times, but for the most part both teams weren't knocking down open looks."

"(Swoopes and I) are so familiar with each other that it's always a tough defensive matchup for both of us. Tonight was one of the first games I didn't have to guard her the whole game, and I give a lot of credit to 'T' for doing a good job on her."

Lynx Guard Helen Darling
"I had a lot of open shots all game, but I didn't feel comfortable taking them. The first possession of overtime I'm wide open, and decided to take the shot. I think it was big because it helped us get off to a good start."

"This game is huge for the team if we are going to make the playoffs. Beating a team ahead of you in the standings two times in the last few weeks really could come out in our favor at the end of the year."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"Once again, tonight was very physical inside. We knew if we were going to win this game, we had to shut down Michelle Snow more than we did last game. She really lit me up last game, and I wasn't going to let that happen again... I think the difference in our defense against Snow tonight was that we knew she likes to put the ball on the floor and get some momentum going to the basket. We didn't give her any room to do that."

"I'll take any win we can get at this point. I hope this means that we're back on track. It would be even bigger if we could continue this and win Saturday against Detroit."

Comets Coach Van Chancellor
"Minnesota did a great job of not giving in. Give them credit. I thought we had the game won... Katie Smith really got aggressive at the end of the game and made some plays. We didn't do a very good job defending her."

"We just couldn't score in overtime. We couldn't execute, and we didn't do a good job of hanging onto the lead in regulation."

Comets Forward Sheryl Swoopes
"We should've won, period. Regardless of who did what, we should've won the game... We didn't execute. We had an eight-point lead with two minutes to go. We didn't play smart at the end. I think we knew exactly what they were going to do offensively. We just didn't continue to do what we needed to do. I don't think it should've gone to overtime. We put ourselves in that position."

"Katie is a very good player, and we didn't think anybody else would beat us. The thing was, when she came off the screens, we were going to switch. I really don't think it mattered what they did offensively. I just don't think we did what we needed to do offensively. Any time you have a lead with two minutes, if you continue to execute and play hard, and do the things that got you the lead, you should win. And I don't think we did that."