Postgame Quotes: May 26, 2004

Silver Stars 56, Lynx 44
SBC Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"She (Dydek) was huge. Obviously, she was a factor with the nine blocks. I thought tonight was a lessen learned for Nicole Ohlde. We have some players on this team who have faced Dydek before and know that you can't really hope to shoot over her it's better to take her off the dribble. I thought Nicole was most effective tonight when she brought Dydek away from the basket."

"We have some great shooters on this team and sometimes the outside game opens up the inside game. 0-15 (from three-point range), that is not going to happen to this team often. I don't think it happened to us at all last year."

"The Stars are an improved team. Jennifer Azzi was a great point guard, but Shannon Johnson was the difference for them tonight. She really makes them go. They are improved, but we also didn't do the things that we need to do to win tonight."

Lynx Center Nicole Ohlde
"Coming back from 10 points down in the first half and digging out of a hole is always tough, especially on the road. Our last game we came back from being down, but you can't rely on that. San Antonio really came out solid and you have to give them credit for that."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"We played horrible. We feel like we gave them the game. They are an improved team and they may feel like that was the difference, but I feel like we played horrible and gave this game away."

"That 0-15 stat is not as bad as it looks. A lot of those were rushed near the end of the game. I would say it was more like 0-10 and a lot of those were in and out. It was just one of those nights were nothing was falling."

Silver Stars Coach Dee Brown
"It was great team defense, but Goody (Adrienne Goodson) did a great job on her (Katie Smith). Goody made her work at both ends of the court. Goody hasn't been shooting the ball extremely well, but she's leading the team in rebounding and she doesn't mind guarding a player like a Katie Smith and she did a good job on that. For her shot not to be coming, she's still contributing to what we need to do on both ends of the court, which is positive."

"The second half we just didn't execute like we needed to we were playing like we were behind instead of playing smart basketball. But you know, it's a learning lesson with our team. We're learning how to win. This is our second win in really five games counting the preseason. So we're learning how to win, learning how to control games. It's the first time we've been up at halftime. So all this is a learning process for our team."

Silver Stars Center Margo Dydek
"She (Ohlde) will have to adjust for this league, but it's her first season. She will be a great player. She's got great moves."

"I came all the way from Poland not to sit on the bench. It's not like I would do anything different if I were to start. I will always try to play my best."

Silver Stars Guard Marie Ferdinand
"That's the type of performance we need from her (Dydek) every night. This is what she's capable of doing every night. When she's playing like that it makes it easier on everybody because we're denying the wings, we're going play hard defense, an aggressive defense because we know Margo's going to block the shot if they get past us. So whenever she plays like that, it just enables us to play much more aggressive, much harder. If she can continue to play like that, we're going to be tough to beat. Nobody is going to be able to deal with us. We just hope we can continue to encourage her so she can continue to play like she played. She had a block party tonight. Everybody was invited."