Minnesota New York Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota vs. New York
July 24, 2005 @ Target Center

New York 59

Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
"Disappointing. We didn't take advantage of the opportunity of being at home. We shot poorly, didn't capitalize on opportunities in the first half that we had. We shot poorly from the three-point line. We got outrebounded. It was ugly... It was disappointing for our fans (that) they had to watch that."

"I'd like to credit our defense in the first half, knowing exactly what they were running and challenging (them). They run a lot of dribble-handoffs, screens on the ball, things we prepared for (in) getting ready for them. They were effective on the inside in the first half, but they hit timely 'threes'. Crystal Robinson hit some timely ones."

"It was just frustrating offensively not being able to get anything going. We were able to get the ball inside, and they didn't make any adjustments to come after our posts. Occasionally they dug off from the perimeter, but we found open shooters. The last game, we were able to hit those shots. We didn't hit them tonight... We just couldn't find a combination that worked."

"Katie will be involved in the sets that we run, whether setting screens or making entry passes. It's one of those things where, knowing Katie and the type of player she is, that you just have the confidence that she will knock down the next shot -- and she's capable of doing it. She's one of the best shooters, and the only way you get yourself out of it is to keep shooting the basketball."

"Definitely our inside game was a presence tonight. It is something that, down the stretch, we try to continue to utilize. They made some great defensive stops down the stretch."

"It was lopsided. We had 11 points from our perimeter in a game where everyone played... You'd love to credit their defense, but I can't say that it was all their defense. We just missed a lot of open outside shots that our guards are capable of hitting."

"We realize on any given day, in the standings right now, anything can happen. This is a week that we really had an opportunity to capitalize on covering some ground. Tonight would've been a big win for us, and we let it slip away."

Minnesota Center Nicole Ohlde:
"Especially to lose at home, it's definitely disappointing to lose that one. They made some huge shots at important times, and we just didn't capitalize on our end... We have to make big plays down the stretch and not let games slip away like this."

"(Hayden and I) were just trying to take whatever they were giving us, and they weren't double-teaming, so we tried to take advantage of it. Hopefully that opens up the outside shot."

Minnesota Guard Kristi Harrower:

"You have such a great game against Indiana -- and we've been playing well since the All-Star Break -- and you feel like you're improving. Your confidence is getting better, you're starting to gel as a group, and then you take a step back -- maybe two steps back -- so it's disappointing."

"We're such a tough team when we hit our outside shots. It takes pressure off the inside, and tonight they could just dig down on us because we weren't hitting anything. It wasn't just the 'threes', it was everywhere. It was our jump shots and everything. And it wasn't the pressure they put on us; we more hurt ourselves than anything. We just couldn't hit a shot. It's not like we played bad; we just shot bad."

"Ohlde stepped out and shot from the outside tonight. She was probably the only one who hit any perimeter shots tonight. So great effort by her and Vanessa, but it needs to be a whole team effort."

New York Coach Pat Coyle:
"It's been a long road trip. Not that I expected for us not to execute well, because I think we've done that on this road trip. I think fatigue set in a little bit until we responded at halftime, and I thought we did a much better job in the second half... I didn't think we were as sharp as we needed to be, but I credit their defense, too. They got their hands in the passing lanes. They caused a lot of those turnovers."

"They (Wauters and Baranova) are two pretty good players. They're beginning to step up. I thought Elena Baranova played very well today. She's beginning to play like the old Elena... And Ann Wauters, I don't know how you take 14 shots and not get to the free-throw line. I guess that's something we're going to have to look at."

"Katie Smith is such a great player that you hope you can hold her down. You know you're never going to stop her. She's a competitor and she's a great player. I thought Crystal Robinson did a decent job on her. She did a good job on her tonight."

New York Guard Becky Hammon:
"I thought we did a better job defending. I thought the way we got onto the boards was big for us. We just tried to make life difficult for them -- make all of their looks difficult -- and just try to take care of the ball. I thought we had a rough first half, so we bounced back and took better care of the ball in the second half."

"In the first half we were passing up some shots, and in the second half we didn't pass up those shots. We just stepped out and concentrated and knocked them down. In the first half we were overpassing, passing up shots and putting the ball on the floor instead of shooting it. In the second half we made the adjustment to set our feet and take the shot."

"I've got a lot of people here. I want to do well, but really it's just about coming out and wanting to get a win. It's nice to have people in the stands, but we're really happy about getting the win."

New York Forward Shameka Christon:
"We noticed in the first half that we were passing up a lot of shots. And I think that with Minnesota, they have great shooters, and we were maybe able to take them out of their rhythm and they missed a lot of shots. I think defensively we put it together and I'm glad, because this has been a long road trip. But we put it together and didn't break down mentally."

"I think the key tonight was that we needed to rebound. Vanessa Hayden is a very good rebounder and Nicole Ohlde, too. We just needed to rebound, and I think we did a very good job of doing that."