Minnesota New York Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota vs. New York
July 15, 2005 @ Madison Square Garden

New York 60
Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
On Katie Smith: “[Her 5,000 points] is something special; it’s a tremendous accomplishment. It’s accredited to the type of player she is, what she’s been able to do over the course of her career. She’s been consistent. It’s a pleasure to coach her; to have somebody that you can count on to knock down shots at crucial times. I’m a confident coach when Katie’s on the floor.”

On tonight’s game: “Our inside game is hopefully that balance that we need; having Katie on the perimeter, who’s come on strong as a lead. We have an advantage in size with strength of Vanessa Hayden and being able to make things happen and being able to move to her. The players did a great job.”

Minnesota Guard Katie Smith:
On tonight’s game: “It was a good ball game; we moved the ball well, defensively we made them work to get whatever they got, we rebounded the ball well—so I think it was a good effort on both ends. Obviously we allowed them to tie it up towards the end of the ball game which put a little bit more pressure, but we had a couple of turnovers and things that they capitalized on.”

On upcoming games: “It was a big game but we’ve got a lot more to go. This was huge, we’ve got two more home games coming up in this stretch. Besides turnovers which is a constant for us, I was pleased with the way we played together.”

On earning 5,000 points: “It’s neat, I mean it’s kind of cool. What it means who knows, but to have that kind of milestone is neat. In the bigger scheme of things does it really mean anything—no, we’ve still got to go out everyday and work, but being the first to do anything is kind of cool.”