Minnesota Los Angeles Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota vs. Los Angeles
August 7, 2005 @ Target Center

Los Angeles 72

Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
"Give L.A. a lot of credit. They came out in the second half and played with everything to gain and nothing to lose. A team plays with that sense of urgency, sometimes it's hard to match. Our decision-making was suspect in the second half. At times, we had opportunities to go two-on-one -- create an opportunity -- (but) we would pull it out and hold it. Obviously we wanted to run time, but we didn't capitalize on opportunities we did have, and allowed them to trap us."

"It's a learning experience, but we found a way to win. We lost our composure for a period there, had to burn some timeouts -- and that's why they're a premium at the end of a game -- but we got a win. We're still alive."

"We had opportunities that we didn't take advantage of. We had an opportunity to extend the lead on the free-throw line, and we didn't do that. That's been something that's been a thorn in our side as of late, not capitalizing at the free-throw line. We've lost ballgames because of it. It's always been an area of emphasis. We've always shot free throws, from the beginning of training camp. Obviously (we're) continuing to make that a priority for this team. But there's nothing like end-of-game pressure to simulate it. It's hard to simulate that in practice."

"When we started the game, we seemed sluggish. We weren't active defensively, and quickly I felt a difference when we inserted Tamika and Stacey. We just got so much more active defensively, which created our offense. We became more up-tempo. We got a lot of transition opportunities in the first half. Every time we did something well, this team gained confidence. I could see the difference tonight, of the confidence in this team and the belief that it is possible."

"We need to watch film of what we looked like in the first half. When we came out of the locker room, we talked about the score being 0-0. When we walked off that court we had a 20-point lead, but we're coming out of the locker room and it's a tie score. For the majority of the second half, we played like it."

"They made a run. They didn't quit. They have great players. They're a very talented team, and have people who can score. We made some mistakes down the stretch -- defensive lapses, giving up offensive rebounds, not seeing the ball on the out-of-bounds play and allowing them to score quickly -- just some mental mistakes that we know are correctable and we can fix."

"It keeps us alive, no doubt about it. I don't know if you can say 'save' (the season). We talked about before the game (that) we will know a lot by the end of this week. We have four games in six days, and by the end of this week we will know exactly where we stand in the season. It's a huge week for us."

Minnesota Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"The first half was just a lot of fun to play. That was just a bunch of girls playing great defense, running the floor and just making great passes. We need to really think about how we're playing in the second half. Every game, it seems like (in) the second half, we're just not the same team any more. The closer it gets to the end, you really need to take care of the second half."

Minnesota Forward Nicole Ohlde
"I think everybody recognized the fact that we had been there before, and we had let a lead slip away. I think it's just something that we need to take from this game. We need to take the good parts about it, we need to take the bad parts about, and just learn from this whole experience and just be happy with the fact we got a win."

"I think it's very crucial. With the amount of games left in the regular season, I think it was very important to get a win tonight. And with the fact that we do have three more games this week, I think it's important to get some momentum back -- get some confidence back -- and hopefully go on a roll this week, because I think it's crucial."

Minnesota Guard Kristi Harrower
"Our first half was real positive, but we're a young team. We've just got to learn from this. We really do... You just wish that you could get on a run and beat their press. Once you beat the press and score, then they don't do it as much."

"I think it's really crucial... The other thing we talked about was that we have four games in six days, so this was really a must-win game for us. The other thing is, it's like we have to prove to people that we're good enough... without Katie. Katie was an awesome player. She really was. We lost a lot of her experience, so we had to prove to our home crowd and our fans that we can play together -- and as young as we are, we can win games like this. We can beat anyone on any given night, but we're just a little bit inconsistent at times."

Los Angeles Coach Henry Bibby:
"Making nice runs doesn't mean anything at this point in time. There are so many people jockeying for positions to get into the playoffs. There's an urgency in every game. It was a game we thought we could win; we just didn't come out with any energy. I give my team a lot of credit, us being down by 20-plus. They played hard -- they fought back, got back in there, and we thought we had a chance."

"We didn't play any defense. We didn't have any intensity. We played with no urgency. We played like it was just another basketball game with 50 more games to play. This is a short-lived season. Every four minutes, every 10 minutes, every 40 minutes is important -- and we didn't come out with that urgency... I know Minnesota has lost a few games and they were real hungry, but we thought we could hang there with them, that we had a chance to beat them."

"They still have threats on the floor. They made a trade, (and) they got a good player in the trade. I don't know what the reasoning is for making a trade like that, but Katie Smith in my eyesight is a very, very good basketball player for anybody to have. But obviously when you're not winning games, you have to change some of your star players to get the attention of other players, to get your team focused and to try to make a run. Strategically, it is probably a good move that Coach made to do that. Now the team is probably focused more. It sends a message to your team that anybody can get traded, anything can happen in this business."

Los Angeles Center Jessica Moore
"They seemed to be more aggressive than us, and we just seemed to be a couple seconds short from the opening tap. But after the second half went along, we just kept building and building... Just a little too little, too late."

"I think that if we would've came out the same way we did in the second half, with that aggressiveness, this wouldn't have been a question of a game... He (Bibby) told us to just play and have some feist and fire -- just come out and have some pride and show what you can do."

"We need to take it one game at a time and one position at a time. We need to realize that these are the most important games that you're ever going to play -- and in order to make it to the playoffs, we need to take it a lot more seriously and come out and play like that. It is one thing to say it, and an entirely different thing to do it."

Los Angeles Guard Raffaella Masciadri
"It was our defense (not playing well), because Minnesota played like they usually play. They are a good team, but we didn't play any defense. The second half, we put more energy to get back into the game... The energy we put in defensively (was the difference in the second half), because our offense can work everything we want... We have players that can score."