Minnesota Indiana Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota vs. Indiana
July 19, 2005 @ Target Center

Indiana 45

Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
"We weren't hitting shots early, and they were digging on our posts. They were double-teaming on our posts. We had worked on it coming into today's game. It was something that they did in the previous game, especially in the second half, with our post players. Once we got comfortable offensively, we were finding people. We started knocking down shots. In the timeouts, I said to this team, 'That's what our team is all about -- the inside game opening up our outside game, our outside game opening up our inside game.' We were sharing the basketball. At halftime, everyone had gotten shots, and we moved the ball well."

"But defensively, it was a great effort. Going over the scouting report and how we were to defend, we executed the game plan and really limited their opportunities and challenged everybody."

"It's a great sign that we can respond and recover from the beating we took on Sunday. We had shot the ball so poorly, we didn't defend, we didn't rebound -- and we just got spanked, basically, on Sunday. To see that we were able to respond and come back... We had a good practice yesterday. There was good energy. There was good focus. We worked hard to get ready for tonight's game. It was great to see players step up tonight."

"Kristi, I thought, started the game very well. Once she got comfortable, she hit her 'threes', she was defending well, she was doing a very good job defensively. So there wasn't a question of making that change. We had gotten off to a decent start. We just weren't knocking down shots. We just talked about how we wanted to come out of the locker room, and Kristi responded. She definitely responded, coming out and putting pressure on the ball, knowing how we wanted to defend, and (she) was aggressive going to the basket."

"As far as Lass, she got off to a good start. It was just a matter of minutes, not getting her back on the floor at the end of the half because we were able to make that run... Katie had some looks, but other players were stepping up. That just makes us that much better. When we have a player like Svet who hasn't played the last two games, and so Lass and Stacey are getting valuable minutes. Even our point guards -- moving AJ to the '2' and giving them more minutes -- that's just making us deeper into our bench and getting valuable minutes. In the long run, hopefully that makes us a better team and we can count on people when we need them."

"(Abrosimova) was a little bit better today, but not that much better. She is seeing signs of progress. We hope to have her back for Sunday's game."

Minnesota Center Nicole Ohlde:
"It was pretty sluggish to begin with, but I think we got some good baskets from some people that really ignited the run. Stacey hit two 'threes' right in a row. Other people were knocking down 'threes', so I think we just kind of got that going. Those were huge shots that got the momentum going and the crowd into it, so I think that sparked us... We have a team where anybody can step up when they need to."

"I think it was good for us to just get some momentum going again (after Sunday's loss). Getting some stops on the defensive end led to some stuff on the offensive end, and I think that just helped us. Hopefully it will help us going into these next few days of practice and into the next game."

Indiana Coach Brian Winters:
"Offensively we struggled a little bit, but you have to give Minnesota credit. They did a nice job of defending us and made our looks hard. The first half they really shot their 'threes' well, which got them a lead. For whatever reason, we just didn't have it. The second half we got back into it a little bit, but we could never really find a rhythm to our game today. Again, you have to give Minnesota credit. They got beat by Connecticut in their last home game and I'm sure they were more than ready to play against us today. They played well and we didn't play particularly well."

"You have perimeter players making 'threes', then you know defensively you have to guard their shots and it leaves space for the post players to work. Ohlde, Williams and Hayden are good post players. In the first half we kind of collapsed, and then they made their 'threes'. They just had both things going on offense for themselves today, and defensively they did a nice job of defending us."

"We didn't get to turn them over as much (as the last meeting) and they did a nice job of handling our pressure. And we turned it over... We had 18 turnovers and gave up 21 points off of our 18 turnovers. Lately, we've only been making eight to 12 turnovers. You've got to give Minnesota credit. They played a nice ballgame. They were the better team tonight."

Indiana Forward Tamika Catchings:
"I think they came out really aggressive to make up for the loss against Connecticut. Any time you're coming off of a loss, you always pick it up a notch, and they played great defense on us. Offensively for us, we played really stagnant tonight. It was one pass and then somebody would shoot, instead of doing what we have been doing -- pass the ball around and getting an open shot, getting the ball to the basket and to our post players and our inside-out game -- and tonight we just didn't have it."

"One thing that really hurt us was that in the first half, we started dropping in on their posts and then they started hitting their 'three's. I think at one point they were 6-for-9, and if you look at it like that, you have to try and figure out a different way to play defense. We were so concerned about them kicking the ball out that we didn't drop down and help our post players, so we were just really out of whack today and we have to learn from it."

"Overall it started with their guards (Lassiter and Lovelace) in the first half, and then obviously it ended with post play, Ohlde and Hayden in the second. Katie really didn't hurt us tonight like she did the last time and that was one thing we focus on -- try and make other people win the game -- and they did a
really good job of that by getting the ball to the open players."