Minnesota Houston Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota vs. Houston
August 16, 2005 @ Target Center

Houston 62

Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
"It was a really good win for us. We were able to keep our composure the entire game, and I'm really proud of the effort. It was an exciting game to watch. At this point in the season, we have everything to gain and everything to lose... As far as the mental aspect of the game goes, it's all about confidence. We've been gaining confidence with each game that we play. The trick is believing we can win. Houston is a very talented team, but we went into tonight's game believing we could win. It was a huge confidence booster for us."

"This was really a breakout game for Nicole. It was one of her better games. It's exactly what we needed with Vanessa getting into foul trouble tonight. It was nice to see Nicole step up."

"It's been very enjoyable to watch this team get better with each game. This team has changed drastically of late. We've become much more uptempo. This game represents a stepping stone into the future for us... (Jones) is just so quick, whether it's out on the break receiving a pass or pushing the ball herself. This team has players who can thrive in that kind of game. Svet is a player who thrives in the open court. Tamika Williams is the same thing."

"Going into the last three games of the season, we must believe we can win. Seattle just played here, and that was a game that we felt we could've won, but it slipped away. It's difficult to win on the road, but we must believe we can win. We will be playing teams that we are going head-to-head with for a playoff spot. We're going to continue playing this style of basketball."

Minnesota Forward Nicole Ohlde:
"I think it was important for us, and I think we all understood that... Coming down the stretch, you need to win some games. For us, I think it was very important. I think we all realized that, and that's one reason why we came out really focused."

Minnesota Guard Chandi Jones:
"Basically, I was just trying to do whatever the defense was giving me... It's very big this time of the season, because everybody is in the race for the playoffs. We're just trying to do whatever it takes to get in there. We're just worried about ourselves."

"It was very nice. Not only that, just playing against Houston, which I grew up watching. I'd go to every game... It was great just to go out there and play against some of the women that I grew up to love. Then having to play against them, and having a great game, was great for me."

Minnesota Forward Svetlana Abrosimova:
"Today I just felt like we were so under control every possession. We knew they were going to have their run, because that's the team of runs -- especially with Sheryl on that team. We just stayed in the game (and) controlled the game. I think because we took care of the ball and we didn't turn it over, and we just made those extra passes -- easy passes -- we were able to win the game."

"We knew it was crucial. Especially at home, you've got to get the win. We need that confidence to go on the road, and we haven't been winning on the road. For us, it's a good feeling now about this game. We're here, we still have a chance, and it feels good."

Minnesota Center Vanessa Hayden:
"We're not going to let down. Our backs are against the wall. We needed this win, and we're not going to give up. We're not going to go into the same cycle of losing the lead late in the second half. I think that was our thing. We have nothing to lose. We've got to go out there and win. I think that was the focus."

"It was good, because we're going on the road -- a very, very tough road trip. I think we needed that win. We needed that confidence and that swagger going on the road, like, 'You know what? We can win some games. We can beat good teams.' These are great teams we're playing. It's pretty tough for the last four games of the season."

Houston Coach Van Chancellor:
"It was one of the most disappointing losses I have ever been in. I would give Chandi Jones (credit). She played great... We dropped so far behind, had a one-point lead and we ought to find a way to win, but we didn't... I was totally shocked that we killed that one, playoffs on the line tonight and playing as uninspired as we did."

Houston Forward Sheryl Swoopes:
"I think any time you lose, it's disappointing... The fact that the West is so close right now, with the exception of Sacramento, everybody's got five teams that are fighting for the last three spots. Every game is huge, and the fact that our schedule doesn't get any easier from here... We've got four games left, two against L.A. and two against Phoenix -- two at home, two on the road. Anything can happen."

"We felt like we were in a good position to come in here and walk out with a 'W'... It's just unfortunate that we weren't able to do that, but we have to bounce back from it and learn from the things we did wrong -- also the things that we did well to put ourselves back in the game -- and try to get a 'W' on Thursday."

"Our trademark seems to be that we come out the first half and just kind of go through the motions. We did that on our three-game losing streak when we were on the road trip. We weren't very aggressive -- offensively, defensively -- and we dug ourselves a hole. We came back out the second half and played with a lot more intensity, a lot more aggressively. When you're on the road, you can't afford to play that way... A two-point (deficit) when you're on the road almost feels like you're down 15 when you're playing a very good team."

"You know what, Minnesota is a good team. We knew it was going to be tough coming in here. We knew what we had to do to try to walk out of here with a 'W', and unfortunately we didn't do that. We had a game plan and we didn't stick to it, and it's pretty evident that's why we're sitting in here with an 'L' instead of a 'W'."

Houston Forward Tina Thompson:
"We didn't execute. We didn't play at a very high level for a consistent 40 minutes, and if you do that and you have a team like Minnesota, who's hungry... I mean, they have an opportunity to make the playoffs, and they haven't done that consistently as a franchise. When you have a team that is as close as they are in accomplishing something that they've haven't done, then they're going to come out there and play pretty darn hard. Knowing that, I don't think we did the things to stop them from accomplishing (their) goals."

"We didn't play our game, not to take anything away from them... There were a lot of other things. I mean, turnovers, them getting offensive rebounds and putbacks and things of that nature... We have to go out and do it, and accomplish and execute the things that are going to put us in a position to win or even play aggressively and efficiently for 40 minutes... Our goal is to make the playoffs and vie for a championship, so we have to take responsibility and accountability for our actions as individuals and then apply that to our team concept."