Tamika Williams: Keepin’ It Loose

by Nicole Ellis

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Why did the chicken cross the road? To hear Tamika Williams say something funny, of course. Every team has at least one comedian. For the Lynx, that's Williams.

We all know someone like Williams — they always have a joke about everything and those witty comebacks that the rest of us come up with two days late. For Williams, being funny has been a part of her since the beginning.

"All my life," she said. "I think it's more my dad's personality. But I know when I was at Connecticut, every time I was on a team, I was always the comic relief. My job was to know what everybody was doing on the team. But I've always kind of been the jokester, the funny person."

Funny, and maybe a little goofy, too. Williams has come up with her own sayings, plus takes some from the famous mutt Scooby Doo. But most of her humor comes at the expense of her teammates. "Svetlana is the foreigner, so I always make Russian jokes on her. And Teresa's old, so I talk about old jokes."

The personal jokes are all in good fun. Williams believes everybody needs some comedy to get through a WNBA season and countless hours spent around the same teammates.

"Usually the people that can take it have a really good sense of humor," explained Williams. "Because you can't go three or four months playing with a team and just have everybody be very blah. You spend so much time together, you kind of need everybody to have a little humor."

Williams is also known to pull a good practical joke every now and then. But the details of those will be left to the confines of the Lynx locker room. Supposedly, she's never had any retribution for those jokes.

"Never," Williams asserts. "I think they were too scared that I was going to come back with something a lot stronger."

How about coming back with a WNBA-record field goal percentage of .668? The Lynx will take it, along with their most successful season ever. And that's no joke.