Georgia Schweitzer: Understanding Her Role

by Nicole Ellis

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Georgia Schweitzer understands, as a coach, the decisions that need to be made to make a team better. But she also understands, as a player, it can be hard to take on the role of a reserve, as she has only been called on for an average of 9 minutes per game in 11 of the team's 23 games this season. Through this understanding, Schweitzer is hoping to improve herself as both a coach and a player.

Schweitzer is in her third year with the Lynx and has completed two seasons as an assistant coach for the Duke women's basketball team. This dual role has Schweitzer seeing things differently.

"I think it's actually really great," explained Schweitzer. "I get to get both perspectives. I think I see things a lot differently, just as far as how tough it is for a coach. I think a lot of times players think it's easy. But it's very tough."

It's a tough job that Schweitzer is trying to break down. In order to gain insight, from both a coach's and a player's perspective, she has a tradition of keeping a diary throughout the year. Schweitzer keeps track of her feelings and how she responds as a player. She then keeps a coach's diary, writing what she thinks of her players.

"I took that (diary) back to our coaches (at Duke) and it really helped us," Schweitzer said. "And then as a coach, I did the same thing."

As a player, Schweitzer is spending more time on the bench than on the court this season. Her vision as a coach has helped her gain understanding as a player.

"Obviously it's hard when you don't play," Schweitzer explained. "But you have to just believe that the coach knows what's best. I'm invested here at Minnesota. I like being here and I want the team to win. I really am about doing whatever it takes for the team to win."

Even if that means writing in a diary, watching from the bench, or making the most of her minutes on the court. Schweitzer understands, as a coach and a player.

This story appeared in the July 16, 2003 edition of Lynx Tonight.