Lynx forward Tamika Williams took time after practice on Tuesday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

June 15, 2004

With a long layoff between games, like you are going through now, what do you do to help you keep your focus on basketball?
Chuck (Minneapolis)

I like to read a lot because it is more of a quiet time. We are flying so much and playing games and on the run so much. I also write recruiting letters for my other job.

Hey, Tamika! I notice that you are the funniest person on the team. What TV show, movie or comedian do you think best describes you?
Madison (Houston, Texas)

I really like Dave Chappelle because he makes fun of everyday things. I like Chris Rock because he does international stuff like talking about what is going on in the world. The most I'm most like is Martin Lawrence because he is a little bit edger, says crazy things and likes to make fun of himself.

Hi, Tamika! I am enjoying the sixth Lynx season very much so far; I have been to all four regular-season home games played. Congrats on moving to the forward position. Are you enjoying this season with all of the new players? Thanks so much for playing!
Vicki (Menomonie, Wisconsin)

Yes, I love our new players and rookies they are playing a big part of our team. They make Katie a little bit younger, make Teresa a little younger and all the older players.

Hey, Tamika how do you feel about rookie Amber Jacobs? Do you think she is making a smooth adjustment into the pros, and do you think she is a keeper? Thanks and GO LYNX!
Cedric (LA)

I definitely think Amber is a keeper. There are very few teams with people who get drafted in the third round and are still on the team. I think she may be the only one left, and that just shows how hard she works and how bad she wants it. She has players like Helen Darling and Teresa Edwards helping her out. She stays late after practice to shoot, which just shows how bad she wants it.

When did you get into really playing basketball? I love basketball I play all the time but I want to get more serious about it. By the way, I'm 14.
Samantha (Fargo, N.D.)

I got into playing basketball because my older brother and sister got into it and they were 7 and 10 years older then me. At first I really didn't want to. They both played some college and my brother played professionally. But not until sixth grade did I start to play basketball.

Hey Mika, you're terrific. You are my all-time favorite from UConn and the WNBA. What's your thinking behind the #20 and #34? What are your thoughts on the lack of media coverage and respect around the league for the Lynx? Also, where's a great place to visit in Columbus?

1. It was really supposed to be 34, but we didn't get in quick enough last year. 34 is because of Charles Barkley. I love the way he plays undersized and just got it done. Nobody ever knew how he got it done, he just got it done. Number 20 is because of a player in Morgan Valley who I called my "little sister" at Connecticut. She had a foot problem and couldn't walk and nobody ever thought she could walk again, but she did and won a championship last year. So I wore it because of her.

2. I just embrace it and take it in. When you come to a franchise that is learning how to win, you have to earn the respect. It is not just going to happen. Until you win a championship you get no respect, and we have to earn respect.

3. Schottstein Center with great concerts and great basketball games that's where I work and it's the only place I spend time!

Hey, Tamika! I have been a fan of Sveta and yours since your days at UConn and now with the Lynx. I was shocked when I first learned that Svetlana couldn't play this season. Then I woke up to great news from the Connecticut Post on Tuesday! How much of a blessing is it that the Lynx are able to get back such a talented and important player like Sveta back? Thanks and GO LYNX!
Evan (Trumbull, Connecticut)

Svet is great. She brings energy and I forget she is a couple months younger. She has done a lot since she has left Connecticut. She is very Americanized with the hair dyed and flared jeans. But I'm so happy she is back. The younger players haven't gotten the feel of her yet, but when she gets back on the court they will feel the wrath.

Hey Tamika, I loved to watch you play when you played at UConn. I try to watch as many WNBA games as I can. In fact, I am taking my cousin to one because she wants to see one in person. What will it take for you guys to win the championship this year?
Angela (Benedicta, Maine)

I think our veterans need to play like veterans. Everyone needs to step it up, including myself. I think our rookies will be the deciding factor in many things, both sides. I think we are powerful at every position to compete with every team. This year we got some height to go at the centers in the Western Conference and we have some people coming off the bench that know how to win. It's all about meshing from here on out now.

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