Tamika Answers Your Questions

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Lynx forward Tamika Williams took time to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

September 1, 2003

After so many tough years, it has been so great to watch a winning team this year play with heart. You have been such a great part of that and have many fans in 110! What has been the toughest part of your sophomore year that you have had to overcome?
Tracy (Bloomington)

Trying to be consistent and doing what I know I'm good at doing — rebounding, defensively, if I have to score, doing whatever the team needs. And having to mold with a different team, with the different players coming in, the different coaches. That's probably been the toughest part this year, which I think everybody goes through.

Hey, Tamika. Enjoyed watching you play at UConn, and I try to catch any game I can on TV. Watched you play at the Mohegan Sun also. Minnesota seems to be playing better basketball and has a better record than last year. What has been the difference? Thanks and go Lynx!
Kris (Southington, Connecticut)

I think the difference has been the new coaching staff and having players like Teresa Edwards and Sheri Sam. Our new players have come in and play a big part on this team and make us a better team. Especially the coaching staff, because now we have a different outlook, and that's what I attribute to the change.

Hey, Tamika! What advice would you give to young girls who want to play in the WNBA someday?
Rashanti (Pasco, Washington)

I would tell young girls who want to play in the WNBA to go out and play your hardest every day and make sure, academically, you do what you need to do, because we play this sport because we love it and not for the money! Just stay positive. Not everybody is meant to be in the WNBA — you might be CEO of American Express or Target or something big. So dream big, but make sure you keep it in focus.

Tamika, it seems like you have a real sense of fun! Hope you are enjoying playing in Minnesota, we certainly enjoy watching you. Are there any practical jokers on the Lynx team, or are you guys pretty serious?
Alex (St. Louis Park)

We have practical jokers on our team — it would probably be me. Svetlana has some lines. Georgia has some lines. I think we each have our own little practical joker inside of us, but I might be the biggest one!

Do you ever have time to hang out with your ex-teammates?
Kita (Mansfield, Louisiana)

Yes, I have a lot of time to hang out with my ex-teammates. I talk to all three of them at least once a week. I probably talk to Swin almost every day and Asjha every other day, and Sue — I see her so much because we're in the same conference. I talk to her about once a week or e-mail. We always hang out in every city, All-Star Games... they'll all probably come visit me in the offseason, too.

Hey Tamika, I would just like to say that you are one of my role models. Who are your role models? Thanks.
Maria (Blaine)

I have a new role model in Teresa Edwards. She's probably taught me the most in one season, on and off the court, on how to be professional and how to live life. Of course, my parents are probably my biggest role models, because they push and they've given me everything that I have. Jamelle Elliott — who was one of the assistant coaches at Connecticut — she's was a role model of mine too, someone who never gave up and was undersized and made big things happen.

Tamika, what made you decide to go to Ohio State to help coach? What else will you do in the offseason? You have been a great player and keep getting to be an even better player each game. Good luck to the whole team in the playoffs. LET'S GO LYNX!
Kathy (Savage)

What made me decide to be a coach at Ohio State would probably be Coach Foster. He is motivating, he's a teacher on the court. And being there for a whole year, I had so much fun with the kids, having that relationship with the kids. I missed being on a college team.

In the offseason, I'll probably do some WNBA things. I'll try to travel a little bit. I've got to buy a townhouse, and cable, and all that stuff, so that will be fun. I'm buying a little home. Probably catch up with some of my friends this offseason; last offseason was kind of hectic.

You play such great games! What do you like to do when you are not playing basketball?
Jesseca (Comstock, Wisconsin)

When I'm not playing basketball, I like to shop. I buy everything in sight! I like to hang out with my friends, Svetlana and Teresa. I like to shop — that would probably be the biggest thing. I did a lot of movies during the last offseason, a lot of DVDs and going to the movies, so Sue Bird must've had a little bit of rub-off on me, because that's all she did in college, and now that's all I'm doing.

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