Katie Answers Your Questions

Lynx guard Katie Smith stopped by to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say:

Are you excited to be playing for Nancy Darsch again? What are you looking forward to the most this season? Go Lynx!!!!
Christine (Lancaster, Ohio)

It is nice to be back with Nancy. We had a good relationship at Ohio State, and I think she'll be really good for this team, especially the post players, because that's what her specialty is. But it is a comfortable reunion, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm excited about the season; I'm excited about the coaches, the players, and I think that we're going to be a lot more competitive. I think we have a lot more confidence going into this year.

Hey, Katie! I just want to tell you that you are sooo awesome. How do you think you will do this year with a new coach, new players, and more experience? Good luck this year! GO LYNX!
Chelsea (Wichita, Kansas)

I think you hit the nail on the head with experience. I think adding Teresa Edwards as a point guard who basically can handle any situation, and Sheri Sam, who has been through all the battles... I think we have added a lot of key components, but I also think the returners are ready to get on the floor and prove something. I look forward to this season. It's going to be tough, but I'm up for the challenge.

Besides playing overseas for part of the offseason, what else did you do after the season ended? Do you still plan on following in your dad's footsteps once your career ends?
PMW (Grove City, Ohio)

Right after the (Lynx) season, we played in the World Championships over in China, and we won a gold medal. And then I went to Poland and came home at Christmas and decided to stay home and give my body a break. I just worked out. Yes, I am still going to go to dental school.

Since you've come into the WNBA, you've proven to be one of the most durable players in the league. What do you do in the offseason, besides playing, to keep in shape and come in ready to go each year? If a weight program, please tell us how much you can bench press!
Val (Minneapolis)

I do pride myself on being able to stay and play and do whatever is asked of me. I took a little time off from playing basketball, but I did a lot of cardio, ranging from all the different cardio machines to running and then adding playing. I lift probably three days a week. I lift light with high reps. In college, you'd use more weight, but now it's just to be toned and fit. I don't even know what I bench!

How do you get yourself motivated to come out aggressive every night you play on the floor?
Rickiee (St. Paul)

That is a challenge that we all face, because once we start these games, it can become monotonous. But you have to go out there and no matter what you did the night before, or the game before go out there and do it again. It's not going to just happen, or fall into your lap. That is a challenge. You just have to talk to yourself and prepare yourself and know who you're facing. Always concentrate on what you have to do, knocking down shots or defensively. Focusing on what the gameplan is.

I am a great fan of yours and of the Lynx. In the locker room before and after games and during practices, what do you talk about? Do you joke around a lot, or are you serious and talk about game plans? When one of your teammates gets traded or released, do you keep in touch? Thanks, and good luck this season!
Jill (Plymouth)

We have a good time. Obviously, depending on the game, depending on the mood of the game, sometimes it's serious. But we have a really laid-back group. We joke around, we pick on each other. It's like we're a bunch of sisters sometimes we get on each other's nerves. We do hang out a lot together we went to The Matrix the other night together. It's just a really cool group of people. Suzie also adds a really relaxed demeanor. It's just from top to bottom. Obviously, the people you're close with, you keep in touch with. Some players get traded that you're not really close with, so you don't have any contact with them. It just depends on what type of friendship that you had.

As you can see, I'm a New Mexican, so I was wondering how Jordan Adams is doing. What do you and the other teammates think of her? Lots of luck to all.
Michael (Mountainair, New Mexico)

I think Jordan is going to help us. She has a lot of skills she rebounds pretty well, she's active, she can knock down shots, she blocks shots. She's a great person. She's got to get a little more fight in her, but she's learning. This is a whole new ballgame for her. She definitely wants to be here and wants to learn. I'm excited to have her. She's proved that she deserves to be here from Day One.

The Lynx seem to have a lot more talent this year. Would anything less than a playoff appearance be a disappointment for you? Good luck this season!
LynxFan (Ohio)

Yes, it would be a disappointment if we didn't. We'll see how the season goes. If we play well and we still don't win ballgames, or we don't make the playoffs, I can't really be disappointed. But I think this group has enough talent, and we have the players to get it done. I'm looking forward to the challenge, because every night's going to be a battle. As you know, the Western Conference is stacked, like always, but I think we like being the underdogs. Hopefully, we'll creep along and see what we can do. The first four games will be a big test for us.

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