Georgia Answers Your Questions

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Lynx guard Georgia Schweitzer took time after practice on Friday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

August 1, 2003

We enjoy watching you play! Does your jersey number 23 have special significance for you? Also, do you have any pregame rituals?
Emily (St. Louis Park)

I picked the number 23 because I was always number 22, and when I got to college at Duke University, a player already had the number, so I had to pick 23. It just kind of stuck since then. Pregame rituals: I usually like to get something to eat, usually pasta, and then take a nap and then listen to some music — nothing too special.

What was it like going from a strong program at Duke to a rebuilding program here in Minnesota? My daughter hopes you stay in a Minnesota Lynx jersey for a long time.
Bruce (Eden Prairie)

At Duke, it is a really strong, winning program, and when you get here, you try to take that same attitude of winning and bring it here to Minnesota. I think that winning is contagious. Thanks to your daughter for her support!

I've been a big fan since your playing days at Duke. Are you still considering medical school, and if so, how much longer do you think you'll play/coach before starting? Go Lynx! Go Devils!
MC (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)

I've been accepted into Duke Medical School and I've been deferring for two years. I'm going to coach at Duke this year, and then I'm not sure yet — I'm still waiting to see where things go. But hopefully one day in the future, I will go to medical school.

Are you excited that your team may make the playoffs for the first time?
Brian (Gallup, New Mexico)

Yes, we're very excited that we're having a really great year here and that we're in the playoff picture. We're just going to take it one game at a time at this point.

Do you have any pets?
Sarah (Indianapolis)

I have a dog named Mickey, and I miss her a lot. She is 11 years old, a German shepherd/collie mix. She's a great, great dog.

What is it like playing with Katie, and what is it like being away from Ohio?
Kaitlin (New Albany, Ohio)

Being able to play with Katie Smith is really awesome. I grew up watching her play at Ohio State when I was in high school — I remember going to the games and thinking what a great player she was. It's really an honor to be on the same team with her. Being away from Ohio is hard; my family's there. But I've been away now for seven years, coaching and living in North Carolina. But I miss Ohio.

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