Lynx rookie Nicole Ohlde took time after practice on Friday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

July 2, 2004

First of all, from one proud Wildcat to another, great job! I check the Lynx site nightly and try to follow the play by plays on game night. My question is this: Do you think the caliber of play while you were at K-State prepared you for this level of play or do you think your natural talent has served you best at this point? Again... wonderful job. The Lynx should be glad they have you on their team!
Sue (Topeka, Kansas)

I think playing at K-State helped me because the Big 12 is a hard conference. Plus the coaching staff and preparation at K-State to develop me in the player I am definitely helped.

I watched you at K-State all the time and cannot wait until July 22. I think we will be able to watch your game here. I made you a birthday card this year because you are one of my favorite players and you made me interested in basketball. I went to Heart of America camp this summer so I can learn to play like you. I am 8 years old. When did you start playing basketball?
Madison (Salina, Kansas)

I started playing basketball messing around out home with my brothers and dad. I started playing organized in seventh grade.

How do you do it? I have practiced every day for 7 years, and I still need to work on a lot of things. Does every basketball move just come naturally after years of doing them over and over again?
kaela (minneapolis)

Repetition helps as long as you are out there practicing, you are bound to get better. You just got to keep working at it. Even if you don't think you have it down, it may come in a game and the move just may come natural to you.

Hi, Nicole! You have been a great contributor to the Lynx this far! You are one of my favorite players. My question for you is how did you feel being picked by the Lynx when Minnesota was the state that you ended your college career against the Gophers? Good luck on the rest of the season!
Lauren (Bloomington, Minnesota)

I feel lucky to come here and play. I definitely got on a good team and it's a good situation for me. I didn't want to end my college career in Minnesota, but that's in the past, time to move on.

I just want to say it's wonderful to see you still playing such great basketball. I really enjoyed watching you play for KSU and now wish you the best with your WNBA career! Will you come back to Manhattan in the fall to watch Laurie, Megan, Kendra and the others play?
Lori (Maple Hill, Kansas)

First off I'd like to say congrats on how well you are doing thus far in your rookie WNBA season. It is great seeing you do so well. Do you think you will make it back to KSU to see any games during the 2004-05 season and do you intend to finish your degree at KSU? Keep up the great work, Nicole! All of us KSU fans will miss watching you play as a Wildcat!
David (Topeka, KS)

Yes, I'm coming back in the fall to finish school and finish up next spring and see where that takes me. I plan on watching them play and hanging out there.

It has been a pleasure to watch your rookie season with the Minnesota Lynx, and your "smooth" moves in the post position. Thanks for the hard work. Are you enjoying the team, atmosphere, and state of Minnesota? Thanks so much!
Vicki (Menomonie, Wisconsin)

I'm definitely enjoying it here. I love the city. I'm adapting to city life pretty well and I enjoy being able to go everyplace. Also the team and the staff is excellent here and a lot of fun.

Great job so far, Nicole! What do you miss most now that you've gone to the WNBA?
Jessica (Council Bluffs, Iowa)

My family and friends back home, but playing basketball is playing basketball and it's still a lot of fun.

Can you share what Svet brings to the team both on and off the court now that you've had a chance to play with her? Also, you're one of the few rookies starting in the league right now and even though you have three fellow rookies on the Lynx (good ones too) to share your experience with, are there any other rookies around the league that you chat with for support?
Val (Minneapolis)

She brings so much to the court. The first time we practiced together I really wasn't aware of everything she could do, but now I know to have my hands up for any pass that comes. She also brings the ability to step out and shoot the "three" or go to the basket driving the land and getting rebounds, plus defensive ability.

I think rookies like to stay together once in a while and talk to each other. I have been talking to Kelly Mazzante and Lindsay Whalen, and whenever we see any rookies on the other team we say hi.

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