McConnell Serio Answers Your Questions

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Lynx coach Suzie McConnell Serio took time on the flight home from Cleveland last week to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

July 21, 2003

Does your family get to see many Lynx games?
Mary (Blaine)

Hi, Mary. Now that they're in Minnesota, they'll see all of our games. They've been to some already and have really enjoyed them. My family is very supportive of my career and the Lynx. Thanks for writing.

It seems that Katie Smith doesn't really get the respect that she is so deserving of from the fanbase of the WNBA or the league itself. Is this perception wrong or right? She has the stats, yet she is still not promoted as a leading player. The WNBA never uses her for promotional purposes, yet she has more points in professional history (ABL/WNBA) than any other player.
PW (Grove City)

I agree that Katie doesn't get the respect that she deserves. It doesn't help that we're not on national television. In my opinion, Katie should be a candidate for MVP with the numbers that she has put up this year. We'll just keep working hard to promote Katie and the Lynx. Thanks for writing.

What do you think the Lynx must do mentally, physically, and psycologically to make a playoff push, to be more consistent in foul shooting, and being able to cut down on turnovers? Go Lynx!!!
Evan (Trumbull, Connecticut)

Hi, Evan. Well, we definitely need to cut down on our turnovers. But we also need to have a balanced attack on this team. We need everyone to contribute — both offensively and defensively. We need to be able to play well for the entire 40 minutes. Thanks for the question.

Hey Coach! I just wanted to know how has it been battling a roller coaster season (with doing very well and then losing so many back to back)? I know it gets pretty frustrating because the Lynx have a really talented team. Also, do you see Gortman being an elite player in the near future? Thanks for your time! GOOD LUCK (HOPE Y'ALL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS)
Sam (Columbia, South Carolina)

Thanks for the e-mail, Sam. This is a really talented team, and our goal is to become more consistent. In our most recent games, we've been playing some of our best basketball of the season. My expectations are that our consistency will continually improve as the season goes on. Shaun plays an important role on our team, and I think that she'll be a great player in the future.

Hi, Suzie! Great job coaching so far this season. I think you have a great team. You are definitely in the hunt for the playoffs. What areas does this year's Lynx team excel at that past Lynx teams haven't, in your mind? Good luck and I hope that the Lynx can have continued success this season!
Cory (Breck)

Hi, Cory. I think this year's squad is a bit more of a team-oriented attack. We don't just rely on one player. I expect everyone and anyone on the floor to contribute both offensively and defensively. I think this year we're trying to make a more concerted effort to get the ball in the post. We want our post players to look to score and to contribute on the offensive end. When your post players are involved, it oftentimes leads to easy baskets.

Congratulations on your season so far. You picked up a bunch of new Lynx fans by drafting Jordan Adams. How will she help your team, and what suggestions do you make to get her some playing time?
Chuck (Bernalillo, New Mexico)

Hi, Chuck. Thanks for writing. Jordan needs to continue working hard in practice and continue adjusting to the physical nature of the game at this level. This is her rookie season, so it's a learning experience for her. Be patient — her time will come.

Hey Suzie! I loved watching you coach at the high school level. I didn't miss one of your games. I was wondering what the biggest difference is between coaching at the high school level and the WNBA? GOOD LUCK!!!
Nicole (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Hi, Nicole. Obviously, a big difference is the talent level between the two. Preparing for each game in the WNBA is like preparing for a state championship game in high school because every team in the WNBA is so good and so talented. These are the best players in the world. Winning is more difficult, too — ha.

Are you coaching to take the ball to the hoop more often not only get points but perhaps draw the foul? "WE BELIEVE" You will always see us in the stands.
Kathy (St. Michael)

Hi, Kathy. Our entire coaching staff tries emphasizing being aggressive with all of our players. Yes, we certainly want them to take the ball to the basket. It results in easy baskets, open looks for teammates and foul shots. Good things happen on the basketball court when you're aggressive. Thanks for being such a great Lynx fan!

Hi, Coach! I was just wondering what you think it would take for a 15-year-old girl going into her sophomore year in high school in a small town should do if she someday would like to be in the WNBA? I appreciate your input!! Thanks and GO LYNX!!! :)
Jen (St. Cloud)

Hi, Jen. It doesn't matter where you're from to play at this level. You must simply work very, very hard and continue to believe in your dream. Good luck!

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