Lynx guard Amber Jacobs took time after practice on Thursday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

Sept. 2, 2004

Hi, Amber. First I want to thank you for your outstanding efforts on the court this year. Suzie has shown her confidence in you and has given a considerable amount of minutes to you over the season. What part of your game do you believe is the most valuable, coming in off the bench? Good luck and thanks for answering my questions. GO LYNX!
Julie (Pittsburgh, PA)

I think most valuable part of coming off the bench is being a spark and bringing some new energy in the game. Helen has done a great job running the point position and I just want to come in and not skip a beat from what she has brought so far. I just want to come in and be ready and keep the game flowing.

Amber, what motivates you throughout the long seasons and games? I wish you a GREAT season and playoff games. I'll be cheering for you and the team though the rest of the seasons and many more to come! P.S. Wish everyone else on the court good luck from me, too!
Maggie (Shorewood, MN)

Just the love of the game. I love the game it's certainly been a big part of my life and being on this team and being with the players that surround me. We have great team chemistry the friendship on and off the court it has been a blast so far.

Hey! Just want you to know that I have followed your career and use you and an illustration to our girls team! What is the biggest adjustment to the WNBA from BC?
Pastor Boulet (Lakeland, FL)

I think it's a whole higher level from The quickness of the girls and the strength of the girls. Having to be mentally tough and physically better shape than Division I basketball. I think I'm still learning how to play with these great players and play my role well, but I'm enjoying it and hopefully keep working on my skills.

you're my favorite lynx player. how did you learn to shoot those long 3-pointers? have a great rest of the season!
spud (summit, pa)

That is my brother! Just practicing with my dad and brother from an early start teaching me the right form and practicing a lot of hours.

Hello Amber! I hope you are much enjoying your rookie WNBA season and your month off. I have been to all but one home game this summer, and have really appreciated watching you play (and spin the ball at the start of every game). What is one favorite experience so far this summer? Good luck in September.
Vicki (Menomonie)

I think the team. I love the 11 girls on the team. As much as I love basketball, I have just really been enjoying their company and being around them and getting to know them as people and players and learning from them.

Hey, Amber! Congratulations on your success with the Lynx! What is one thing you need to overcome to be a better player in the WNBA? Thanks a lot!
Ashleigh (Cass Lake, MN)

I think I need to be more confident in myself and my ball handling and being confident with the pressure applied to me, plus being able to run an offense and distributing the ball to my teammates.

Hey, Amber! First of all, I wanted you to know how much I admire your hardworking attitude! I'm really glad you're with the Lynx! Do you think it's harder to play in the WNBA now if you're shorter? Because it seems like at least 80% of the players are 5'11'' or taller. Thanks, Amber!
Annette (Minneapolis)

I think that's true the WNBA is becoming more aware they are looking for 5-11 and 6-foot guards. Especially for me not being the most athletic or quickest and being the shortest one, you have to learn your smarts more than athleticism. I think it's difficult, but if you work hard and keep at it, anyone can do it and play in the WNBA.

It's been quite a ride for you from Abington Heights to Boston College and on to the Minnesota Lynx. What lies ahead for you after the WNBA season this year?
Mrs. Smith (Dalton, PA)

I'm not sure after this year. At some time I would love to start coaching at the Division I level. I was looking to be a graduate assistant this year, but I'm still working on that.

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