Shaunzinski Answers Your Questions

Lynx guard Shaunzinski Gortman took time after practice on Thursday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

June 27, 2003

I think you are a great player. At what age did you know you wanted to play basketball?
Nikki (Minneapolis)

Hi Nikki,
Thanks a lot! I started playing basketball at the age of 7, because my mom was a park director. So since it was a part of my everyday routine, it was a hobby and also kind of a privilege for me when I did everything that I was supposed to do. Ever since then, I've loved the game.

First of all, I just wanted to tell you that you are my favorite Lynx player. It was such a pleasure to meet you after the Indiana game on Saturday. What was the hardest part along the whole journey of getting here to the professional level of basketball?
Sarah (Minneapolis)

Thank you, Sarah... it was great meeting you also. For me to make it to this level took a lot of hard work, practicing, time and effort. I would say it took a lot of mental focus and toughness as well. But I think that it is basically the same for everyone. The one thing that was the most difficult for me was when I tore my ACL. The whole process of rehabilitating and coming back was just so long, but I wanted to make it so bad that I did whatever it took for me to be in this league today.

Do you believe that the 2003 Minnesota Lynx have a legitimate playoff team? Go Lynx!!
Dave (New Brighton)

Hi, Dave. I really do believe that we can be a playoff team. I think that we have the potential to go far. But right now, we just need to stay focused and take it one game at a time.

Who do you hang out with the most on the team? How do you like Minnesota, because I am getting ready to move up there.
Kemia (Memphis)

Hey Kemia. I hang out with Lynn Pride and Janell Burse the most. Minnesota is... well, the weather is very different from home, but I've grown to like it. The people are great, especially the fans!

How is your second season in the WNBA? How do you like playing with Tamika Williams and Katie Smith! I've been watching you torch the nets since your senior year at USC. You are truly a great talent and exciting to watch.
Sam (Columbia, South Carolina)

Hey Sam,
Thanks for all the support. It really means a lot to me. It is really great playing in the WNBA. I know that I am very blessed to be in such a great league, especially playing against some of the greatest players in the world. It is very fun and exciting to play with Katie and Tamika. They are two of the best players in this league. Once again, thanks!

We miss you at USC! What did you do in the offseason to adjust to the more physical WNBA game?
Robert (Columbia, South Carolina)

Hey Robert,
I miss USC also. In the offseason, I came home to finish up my degree. In the meantime, I practiced with the team and I also lifted weights four times a week. This season has been fun and exciting for me.

Hello, Shaunzinski! What are your favorite things to do off the court and before a game?
Madison (Houston, Texas)

Hi, Madison. My favorite things to do off the court are spend time with my family and friends and to spend lots of time with children. I also like to go to the movies, bowling and shopping and other fun things like that. Before a game, I always take a nap, listen to R&B or Gospel music, and most importantly, I always say a prayer.

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