Teresa Answers Your Questions

Lynx guard Teresa Edwards took time after shootaround on Friday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

July 25, 2003

Is there any special significance to the #4 that you've worn on your jersey? It has been really great to watch you play. Go Lynx!
M (Minneapolis)

Initially, no. I acquired the number because it was the last number passed out in 1984, my first Olympic team. I was the youngest and had to take whatever. Now I'm totally attached because of all the success I've had wearing #4.

First, I want to say that you are playing amazing this year — love to watch you every game! How do you keep up your stamina for games — 40 minutes is a lot to play especially at 39 (happy birthday!).
Rachel (Minneapolis)

By the grace of God! Also, I try to rest well, eat well and laugh as much as possible.

Many WNBA players list you as their role model while growing up. Which basketball player did you look up to when you were young?
Lauren (Wausau, Wisconsin)

Lynette Woodard and Dr. J.

It's been great fun watching you play this year. What has been your biggest adjustment or surprise coming into the WNBA?
Cheryel (Brooklyn Park)

No surprises yet, but adjusting to the younger generation of players has been the toughest.

What inspires you to keep your great attitude on and off the court?
Jennifer (Minnetonka)

The love of basketball but more so the love of God!

What is it like playing with Katie?
Kaitlin (New Albany, Ohio)

Katie is an awesome basketball player with a big heart. I've watched her grow, and she has nothing but respect from me.

I have two questions: At the beginning of the season, when as a team you set goals, how many have been reached? Second, does it bother you or the team that the Lynx do not get much publicity from the media?
Bruce (Eden Prairie)

We've reached our first goal in exceeding the record from last season. Next goal: make the playoffs. Final goal: contend and win a championship.

No, the publicity does not bother me. I think it's less pressure. We're only important when we prove we can win.

Since we now know you are the queen of hot wings, tell us: who else on the team has cooking skills, and what is their specialty? And who are the ones who just do the eating? Keep up the hard work on the road to the playoffs. Go Lynx!
Val (Minneapolis)

Katie — cooks well
Svet — eat!
Sheri — cooks
JB — cooks
Everyone else to my knowledge — EAT!

How does it make you feel to be called a rookie in the WNBA at age 39?
Your #1 fan, Ivory (Camilla, Georgia)

I love it! It keeps me forever young... with experience :)

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