Svetlana Answers Your Questions

Lynx forward Svetlana Abrosimova took time after practice on Friday to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say.

June 6, 2003

How do you like your new coach?
Michelle (Louisville, Kentucky)

I have great respect for her because she played in this league and she was a really successful point guard. What's she's bringing to the team is a huge desire to win. The way we practice, we are really focusing on little things and details to help us right now. We are 3-1, and she helps us a lot. Thank you for your e-mail!

Congratulations on a great start to the 2003 season! Is it kind of weird to have a 38-year-old rookie on the team? Definitely age doesn't affect her she's a great ball player. How did it feel on Sunday when you beat Houston for the first time in Lynx history? Congrats again. I'll be casting my vote for you and the other Lynx for the All-Stars!
Nikki (Minnesota)

She's the queen of the court, she's a legend of the world!

It feels great, but it's only the beginning of the season, so we have a long way to go. Hopefully we're going to continue to play great!

Which teammates do you hang out with most often?
Petra (Houston, Texas)

Tamika Williams, Georgia Schweitzer, Lynn Pride, 'T', Katie. I like all of them, though.

You're an awesome player to watch. My niece is going into high school next year. She has excellent basketball skills and is considered a good shooter. What can you advise for her to improve her speed and become more effective in improving her game in all areas?
Carmen (Standing Rock, South Dakota)

As long as she plays a lot of basketball, she'll stay in good condition. She can always do some extra screens, some extra cardio workout. Concentrate on mistakes you make during the game and try to get better every day.

Hi Sveta, how are you? I know that you played in Europe during the last seasons, so what are the differences between European basketball and American basketball? And what about Italy?
Silvia (Vicenza, Italy)

I thought that the Italian level of basketball was extremely high, and there were a lot of American players on each team. It was really physical, and every game was a really close game, and I loved playing there. American style is physical, but I don't want people to think basketball overseas is not as physical or not as intense. It's still intense and physical, but there are a lot more skilled players here and a people with a lot more abilities here. That's why it just feels like it's more physical, because you have more people who can play at this high level. I might be going back there the next couple of years. Thanks, Silvia, for writing to me!

Given all the places you have traveled to, do you have a favorite, or one you would like to eventually call home?
Craig (Savage)

My favorite places are my hometown and Venice. Those are two of my favorite cities in the world. Because I travel so much, I still don't know where I'm going to end up living. It's all going to depend on where my family is going to live my future family, or my husband, what country is he from. I'm pretty adjustable to everywhere.

First of all, congrats on a great start to the season. You personally seem to be doing really well, and the overall team is definitely better as well. I noticed that your free throw percentage is way up from last year. I realize that the back injury affected your shot somewhat last season. Have you done anything else to improve your free throw shot?
Bethany (Logan, Iowa)

Well, last year, I think I just lost my confidence during free throw shooting. And because I played in Italy, I played in a lot of games with a bigger ball a men's ball. It's easier for me to shoot with a men's ball. My free throw percentage went up and I got my confidence back. I kept shooting and staying after practice and just got better.

Do you have any pregame rituals?
Darwin (Henderson, Nevada)

I have to sleep an hour and a half before each game. I usually eat three or four hours before each game, and then I take my nap. I don't do anything else, though.

Do you keep in touch with any of the other UConn players? If you talk to players still at UConn, do you give them advice on how to play? Good job in the WNBA I love watching you and Tamika!
Micala (Preston, Connecticut)

I still talk a lot to Stacy and the people who play in the WNBA Swin Cash, Sue Bird and Asjha Jones. I saw my UConn teammates when they played at the Final Four last season, and they were awesome! They don't need that much advice, because they have great coaches and just by looking at their results, you know that they were listening to them.

Svetlana, after you have played as long as you can in the WNBA, what are your plans for the future? Do you think that you might coach a WNBA team? I have long admired your basketball skills and hope to continue seeing you play and coach.
Pat (Eufaula, Alabama)

I'm not sure if I want to be a coach, at this point in my career, because I feel like I have many years of playing still, and I want to win gold Olympic medals, and WNBA titles, and just want to achieve my potential. Maybe later on, I might coach. I would coach kids.

You had a game on Sunday and then your next game isn't until Friday. What do you do with all the free time between games?
Chuck (Minneapolis)

If we get a couple of days between games, we usually get a day off and then we just work on the things that we have to get done to get better. The season is so short here, so we're happy when we get three or four days between games that's the time when you work on your game and work on the team offense and defense and try to get better.

Thank you very much for all the questions!

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