Kristi Harrower: Proven at the Point

by Nicole Ellis

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The life of a WNBA player isn't always what you might imagine it to be. Most of the time, it involves an enormous amount of hard work. Double that amount if you're a backup point guard.

For Lynx guard Kristi Harrower, it started back at Day One of training camp. She wasn't there. Harrower was finishing her overseas commitment, playing with Aix en Provence in France. Due to her late arrival, Harrower had less time to show she had what it takes to make the team.

"I feel like I have to prove myself all the time," explained Harrower. "I think not being an American, it's sometimes harder because they (coaches) don't see you playing in college. And a lot of these coaches haven't seen me play internationally, so I felt that I had to prove myself no matter what."

Harrower did prove herself she earned a spot backing up starting point guard Teresa Edwards. At the beginning of the season, Harrower was satisfied with her play but lately has felt the need to step it up a notch.

"My first two games I was happy with, and then I feel like I've slipped just a little bit," Harrower said. "I need to get back to what I was doing in the first two games, where I was positive with my shooting and I was attacking the basket. My goal is to give the team a spark and work hard and make things happen when I'm on the court."

Harrower's work on the court has come a little bit easier this year. She spent the majority of last year rehabilitating a torn ACL suffered midway through the 2001 season. According to Harrower, the injury has not been a bother so far this season.

"My knee reconstruction was slow and I had no confidence last year," said Harrower. "Even though I was working hard with my reconstruction, I felt like I was still out of shape. Whatever minutes I play, I feel quicker out there; I feel more confident."

Confident that her hard work will pay off for the Lynx and for herself.

This article appeared in the June 27, 2003 issue of Lynx Tonight.