Lynx guard Katie Smith has been a stalwart on the U.S. National Team for almost a decade, and is aiming for her second gold medal at the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens. While she was sidelined for The Game at Radio City on Aug. 5 with a minor knee injury, she expects to be at full strength once the Olympics kick off next weekend.

Since she could not contribute on the court, she chatted with fans live on at halftime of the game.

Moderator: Katie Smith has joined us... welcome, Katie. Hope you are ready for some fan questions...

Brandi (Minnesota): Hey Katie...what would it mean for you to win a second gold medal? Good Luck in Athens!!!

Katie Smith: It would be awesome. A dream come true to win one, let alone two. And to do it with the players I play with is special.

Sarah, Charlotte, NC: Hello Katie. How different do you think this Olympics will be compared to 2000? Hope your knee is better soon. We are proud to have you represent the USA! Best wishes Katie. GO TEAM USA !!!!

Katie Smith: Obviously, country-wise, it is set up very different. There is a lot of history in Greece when it come to the Olympics. My knee is getting better day-by-day. I'll be ready to go in Greece.

John, Miami: How do you see your team's chances in going to playoffs right now?

Katie Smith: I am excited about it. We have a good chance to make a nice run to the championships. I have a lot of confidence in our team. We just have to come back and play like we can and we'll be in good shape.

ryann (chapel hill): hi, before i ask my question i just want to say that you are my favorite basketball player. i have never seen someone shoot like you. how do you get your shot so "on target?"

Katie Smith: Lots of practice, I guess. It is really about form. I try to shoot it the same every time. Eyes, elbow, all of that comes into play.

Anna (Minneapolis): Hi Katie!! How hard is it going to be to have to sit and watch your teammates playing during the game at Radio City? Good luck in Athens!!!

Katie Smith: It's okay, because this is a warmup. But I am excited for them. I'll be ready for Greece, but of course I get the itch to be out on the court.

KK (California): Katie is there a lot of trash talking involved in the WNBA? If so which team talks a lot of trash?

Katie Smith: It's not like the men. Big teams: L.A., Detroit and that's really about it. It isn't outrageous, though.

Marguerite (St. George): What do you think is the biggest strength of the USA team?

Katie Smith: I think it is our post play internationally. We are above their talent on the global scale.

Emily: hey katie!!! my question is, who do you like and look up to the most on the usa team? who is your favorite player??? p.s. roadmap!!!

Katie Smith: That's a trick question. I honestly can't pick one. I like them all. They're my team! This group is really special both on and off the floor.

courtney, florida: Since you're in new york, a big place for the whole presidential election, who do you want to win, and will you vote?

Katie Smith: I don't know who I will support yet. I am still trying to learn about the candidates.

Carrie (Ohio): Will you be an assistant coach again for OSU this winter?

Katie Smith: Yes, I will be back at OSU taking classes and helping out the team.

Brittany, Detroit: Hey Katie!!! What's your favorite food?

Katie Smith: My mom's cooking. I love all food but seafood.

Emily (Columbus, OH): Katie, when you come back home and start dental school, look me up! I work there! My question is this: What are you going to be doing while the team is playing in the preliminary games? Good luck! GO USA!

Katie Smith: I gotta give love to Columbus. Yes, in about eight years, when I am done with dental school, I will have an ad out. When they are playing their games, I'll be cheering and probably still doing rehab.

Sam, Princeton, Mn: Is it different from playing in the Olympics then it is from the WNBA?

Katie Smith: The style of play is different. Also, what we are playing for is different. A WNBA title is huge, but an Olympic gold is huge. That is the ultimate. Bigger than just us. All of the time we have put into this makes it something bigger than just the summer. I have been with USAB for 11 years.

bball (tulsa): Katie- how is your first all-star game at the radio city music hall?

Katie Smith: I think this is awesome to be in a building like this. I just got to see the Rockettes at halftime, and I was pretty excited about that.

Katie Smith: All right, that's the end of halftime. Gotta get back to the bench. Talk to you later, and Go USA!