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She's a four-time WNBA All-Star and one of the leading scorers in the league. Lynx guard Katie Smith joined fans for a live chat with fans on WNBA.com on Friday.

As the Lynx continue their push for the team's first-ever postseason appearance, Smith continues to be a key factor in Minnesota's success. Through the team's first 24 games, Smith is averaging 19.8 points, 2.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game as the Lynx' go-to player.

Find out what Smith thinks about her team's outlook as she looks ahead to the final weeks of the season.

August 1, 2003

hong kong: Hello katie. First off, congrats on both the season you and the lynx are having. My question is, if you had to pick an mvp excluding yourself for this season, who would it be?

Katie Smith: I'd say or Lauren Jackson or Tamika Catchings.

Lexi (Tulsa): hi! when did you start playing basketball?

Katie Smith: I started in fifth grade on an organized team and it was an all-boys team.

Vincenzo (Italy): Hey katie do u think u can give me some defensive pointers?

Katie Smith: The key to defense first of all is just effort. Second of all, it's knowing your opponent, knowing who you're guarding. They key to guarding penetration is moving the correct foot first.

Milhouse (WI): Your team is playing well this year. I see you joking around with a lot of your opponents during games. Who are some of your best friends around the league?

Katie Smith: Yolanda Griffith, Natalie Williams, Lisa Harrison from Phoenix... there's always one or two on each team.

Rachel (Twinsburg, Ohio): Katie, What is your secret in shooting great free-throws?

Katie Smith: Mentally, just having a routine that you go through. I take two dribbles and I try to stay on the line and stay balanced. Just having a routine and shooting it like any normal shot.


Katie Smith: Combination of some things. Obviously the change in coaching staff brought in a breath of fresh air. Suzie addressed some key needs, bringing in Teresa Edwards at point and a shooting threat on the perimeter in Sheri Sam. So obviously those things and Suzie's style. And a lot of our role players have made big contributions on any given night.

Larry (Sumter): How are the Lynx going to control Lauren Jackson tomorrow?

Katie Smith: Obviously individually, we're going to try to keep her from touching the ball. And when she does, we're going to double team her and make her take tough shots. But as much as possible, make her give it up and make other people beat us.

Blaine: How are things working with the new coach?

Katie Smith: I've enjoyed it. I've enjoyed getting to know Suzie. She understands from being a former player in the league, how you feel with the travel and practices. And she pushes us and allows us to go out there and do the things we do well.

brittney (houston): You are a great player but who has played the best defense on you this year?

Katie Smith: It's hard to say because individually they play tough on you but the hardest part is when a team makes you give it up every time you touch it... Houston, the other day, held me to about nine shots. The toughest defense is when the team's goal is to make you give the ball up.

Tim (Cleveland): How do you physically feel at this point in the season not having played overseas in Poland compared to last summer when you had?

Katie Smith: I feel better, but I also just at this point in the season, no matter if you play in the offseason or not, you feel the aches and pains. I feel pretty refreshed mentally, but your body feels it. But I think it helped taking the offseason off.

Mark (Kent, Ohio): Hi Katie, What do you think of the new ball the WNBA uses? Do you notice much difference?

Katie Smith: I don't notice much difference. The only difference is that if you left them sit for a while, they don't hold the air as well, but you can pump them up yourselves. So, I'd say I don't notice much difference from the past.

Kaitlin and Rachel, Ur ex-bball campers (Columbus Ohio): both of us have been to your camps here in columbus...do you miss them and is there any chance you will come back and do more?? We miss em!!!

Katie Smith: Thank you, and yes, I do want to do camps again when I get home and when I'm done playing basketball. So, yes, I do want to do more camps and I hope you'll come.

slav (canada): what is your favorite player of nba???

Katie Smith: I like Dirk Nowitzki. I like his style and I like that he can do everything well being as big as he is.

Jill (Plymouth, MN): What do you do on off days?

Katie Smith: Go shopping because there's no time to do it when you're busy (mostly grocery shopping) and laundry. And if it's a nice day, I like to get outside. There are a lot of nice parks around here, so I try to catch up on everything and then spend some time outside.

Dion (NY New York): how does it feel to be looked up to as one of the greats in the WNBA?

Katie Smith: It's pretty cool. Sometimes you don't look at yourself like that, but when people thank you and enjoy watching you play, it makes you feel good and it makes you want to work harder and go out there and play the game the way it's supposed to be played. It's definitely a compliment and it just makes you work hard.

Katie Smith: Thanks for all your questions and keep enjoying the WNBA and the Lynx. Maybe we'll see you in the playoffs!!