Inspiring Women Nominee | Alicia Frosch

Inspiring Women Submission by Brian

How can I help move them the act? Alicia is always asking herself this question in every situation she encounters. For years, Alicia has been using her story and her passion to help inspire others to be change agents in their community. She is very open-minded, driving and passionate about issues like early childhood education, disability rights, racial equality, and empowering women that have been marginalized. She strives for change through political action and community organizing. She has a wide range of knowledge about different assistance-related programs in which she helps women stride to become their best through encouragement and support. Over the years Alicia has been involved in many activates that foster community, including, serving on the Board of Directors for a Minneapolis charter school to ensure children at every ability as a opportunity to learn, member of the Interfaith Children s Advocacy Network (iCAN), lead a support group for parents who are parenting on their own, connected LGBT homeless youth to resources and support helping to secure a place to live, support women living with negative body image and food addiction, and rising awareness of the achievement gap of child with disabilities in communities of color and how it affects the overall community.

If you asked Alicia about why she is so passionate about helping move people to action she will answer, When I was young I felt I didn t have a voice and that no one cared about girls like me. It was when someone took my hand and equipped me with the skills to have my voice heard, and the knowledge to move my ideas to action. Too many people are silenced and are never giving an opportunity to have their voice heard. I want to be a part of a community that engages all, and not just a few!

Alicia is currently working on a plan that equips women of color to run for public office. She states that no woman of color has ever served in Minnesota s congressional delegation, no woman of color has ever served in a MN statewide elected office, and less than 3% served in Minnesota s legislature. She says this is something that must be changed in Minnesota, once again, it s about having a voice in our community.

When Alicia is not working on social justice issues she is a dedicated single mother of two boys with special needs. When she has time, she loves to read, watch a great action movie with her boys, enjoys live music in Minneapolis, letting her boys teach her to dance, and of course, cheering on the Lynx (her favorite MN team)!

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