You Ask, She Answers With Cathrine Kraayeveld

Forward Cathrine Kraayeveld has been one busy lady.

After spending the fall and winter months overseas in Slovakia, she settled back home in Washington for some much needed rest and relaxation. Soon enough, she found herself back on the court to help her team compete in the Slovakian league playoffs.

With Training Camp right around the corner, once again, she's stateside. However, this time with a Slovak championship title under her belt.

Now that that is out of the way, she's finally getting around to submitting her answers to fan-submitted questions. We won't hold her up any longer, and let her get to answering. Take a look!

Emily in NJ: Cat, I know you signed an offer sheet to go to the Storm this off season and that is totally understandable since we all know Seattle is your home. But we are so happy you will still be part of the Liberty team this year! I always think of you as the 'rock' on this team. You're so steady and good-natured and good things happen for us when you are on the floor. Were you disappointed when the Liberty matched the Storm's offer? And where did you learn to set those picks? It may not be glamorous but your picks are a thing of beauty! It looks simple but very few players do them so well or so consistently as you do! I'm assuming we will lose you in a few years when you become unrestricted, but for now you're one of my favs! (Even if you do end up in Seattle you?ll still be one of my favs!) Keep up the good work. 
CK: Yes, I did sign an offer sheet from the Storm, from a business stand point, I think it was the right decision, and I'm happy to be back in New York for more! Haha, I just try to "hit"' someone to get my teammates open for a shot, just trying to do the little things to help the team. Thanks for being a great fan, we appreciate it.

Travis: When you were younger, did you have a favorite WNBA player? If so, what did you like most about her as a player or as a person? Did you fashion your game after a particular player, man or woman?

CK: Well to be completely honest, I didn't really watch the WNBA when it first started, I was in middle school so as a young teenager, I wasn't really drawn to watch it. I spent most of my time outside and didn't really watch a lot of TV in general. If I had to choose to watch a sport on TV, it would be football. Even when I was younger and to this day, if basketball is on TV at the same time as football, I will pick football first! When I did watch basketball back then, it was usually the NBA, and I found myself drawn to Reggie Miller. Of course I loved watching Jordan, but I think because I always liked to shoot three's, I liked watching Miller.
Shavelle W: Hey girl, you're always so serious and proper and careful about your answers whenever the press interviews you! We don't get to see that little bit of craziness we see in the dancing girl on the website or in last year?s vampire spoof very often. What does it take to get you loose? Also you always look so calm and collected on the basketball floor. I know you get annoyed sometimes but do you ever get really, really mad? It's hard to picture a teammate having to restrain you from going after someone. Has that ever happened? How do you keep so calm?

CK: Hahaha, that's hilarious, because I'm such a goofy person and love to laugh. I think when it comes to the media, you just have to be really careful when answering questions because if you aren't careful they could use something you say that could be used against you or your teammates. I just try and say the right and proper thing to always promote the team and stay positive. My teammates would tell you otherwise about me being so serious, I'm always laughing and goofing off and having a good time. I think I have just learned when the right time and place is to do that and I try to always keep the two separated. I try to stay very level headed and calm on the court because I think too much emotion can get you unfocused and distracted from what's important.  I think for my game, its best that I stay calm and just let things go and just keep playing, there is nothing you can do after the moment, so it's best to move on and use your energy for the next play. I do get mad, but I don't show it. And, no I have never gone after another player or really lost my "cool" on the court. I just try to stay focused.
Will P: What's your favorite downtime activities? Shopping? Reading? Music? Online Games? Entertainment? Other sports? The beach? I assume you're back in the States now. What's a typical day like for Cathrine Kraayeveld? Also, I see that the coaching position is now open at Oregon where you played your college ball. I know you still have many good years ahead of you as a player, but do you have any desire to someday get into coaching?

CK: I really just enjoy relaxing and hanging out. It doesn't take much for me to relax. I love listening to music and I enjoy watching movies, too. I'm not a big reader. I like to shop, but I don't really need any more clothes or shoes. I LOVE the beach and the ocean. My typical day right now is working out everyday. Then I have plenty of time to hang out and enjoy Seattle. I'm not really sure what I will do after I'm done playing, but coaching is definitely an option. 
Liz: Wow! Have you realized that with Erin going to Chicago you are now the oldest player on the Liberty? Do you think you are up for being 'the old lady' on the squad? Just joking, you're still pretty young for that! But seriously, as that senior player, do you feel your role will change and as a veteran, what kind of leadership do you feel is important? Are you comfortable in that role? How did other senior leaders help you as a younger player? Who helped you the most? Good luck!  

CK: Yes I actually did realize that. It's kinda weird to think about it cause I'm only 28 and I know a lot of other teams have many players over that age. I dont think my role will really change that much, I have never been the vocal leader of the team, I have always led by example, and I feel that's one of my strengths, so I don't feel the need to all of a sudden try and be really vocal. I'm sure a little more won't hurt, but I don't see that as my primary role. I think my first few years, with VJ and Crystal and Becky, they were great examples and always really helpful, so they were a great bunch to be teammates with especially my first few years.

Jan: Cathrine, what did you enjoy most about playing in Slovakia this year? Any comparison with playing in Belgium? Do you know where you will be playing next Winter? Best of luck to you and the Libs for the Summer. Expect to see you all in the finals this year! 
CK: Slovakia was nice. My teammates were great and we had a pretty good season, capping it off with a Slovak championship. It was great to be a part of that. It was fairly similar, both teams were in Euroleague so the competition was really good.  To me there is not much difference, ball is ball, the girls love to play and take their job seriously. I am going to play in Prague next year and am looking forward to it, I have heard its an awesome city.

Westcoaster: Sorry you didn't get to become a member of the Storm this year, but really enjoy watching you and your Liberty teammates. I remember seeing McCarville once saying that if she could add one skill from one of her teammates she would add your ability to shoot the three. So if the shoe is on the other foot, what skill from any one of your teammates would you most like to add to your toolbox?

CK: Hmmm, let's see. I don't consider myself slow, but I'm not extremely quick either; I would like to inherit some better quickness. I don't care who it's from, just add a little more quickness and that would be nice!
Sam D: Love your spirit, hard work and willingness to do anything needed for the team. Every year you seem to come back improved in some aspect of your game. I would love to see you add the one dribble mid-range jumper to your arsenal. What in particular have you been working on the most in this off season? I think you're very close to becoming an all star. Keep up the good work and keep shooting those 3's! Can't wait to see you and all the Libs in the new season. 
CK : Thank you. I have always taken a huge amount of pride in my off-season workouts, so I appreciate the fact that it is noticed. In the off-season, I literally work on everything you can work on. Dribbling, post moves, coming off of screens, everything you can think of; I'm sure I have done it. And of course lots and lots and lots of shooting. I actually probably do more 1-dribble and 2-dribble jumpers more than anything in my workouts, I think it has just been one of those things that the team hasn't necessarily needed from me, so I haven't shown it as much. Thank you for your comments!

John W: The improvement in your game over the last several years has been amazing. Personally, I've always loved your 3-pointers. What aspect of your game do you like the best?

CK : Hmm, well I take pride in trying to improve all aspects of my game and getting better every year. I do like shooting three's, I also love blocking people, it doesn't happen much cause sometimes it just takes perfect timing, but its such a good feeling when you make a good block. It just always seems to give the team some energy and get the fans going. I also take pride in my work ethic and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not everyone can always be the best shooter, or the quickest player or the highest jumper, and those things will change eventually, but work ethic can always improve. It's one of the only things that you actually have a choice of whether you want it to get better or you let it get worse.
Sega23: A lot of folks say you guys can't get to the finals and it but i still believe you can win the whole series but it's up to you so make it good 2009 season and win that wnba championship.

CK: Thanks we will do our best to bring a championship back to The Big Apple :) And thanks again everyone for sending your questions in for me. I'll see you when we're back at MSG in just a few short weeks.

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