This week's "Steal" comes via Megan Myers. Let's get started as she takes us through this one-of-a-kind deal.

What is this week’s offer?
This week’s offer is called, Kym-tastic!

Lay the details on us.
With this limited time offer, you can hand pick your own partial plan and our legend Kym Hampton will stop by your seat to greet and thank you for your support of the Liberty. If you decide to go the distance and purchase a full season ticket with me, Kym will meet you after the game on center court for a photo. 

This is a great incentive for new fans and even our original fans from way back in 1997 to meet and greet one of our originals.

What are the restrictions?
You will have 17 regular season games to choose from. Your plan must be a minimum of six games, and from there you can choose to upgrade to nine games (half the season) or purchase a full season ticket.

What else awaits the lucky buyer?
Partial plan buyers will receive a number of our VIPerks , including savings on ticket prices, a six month payment plan, discount parking, playoff priority and playoff pay-as-we-play.

A full season ticket offers all of those VIPerks plus, our exclusive meet the team event, make-up game policy, a six-month payment plan, seat upgrade opportunity, an exclusive gift, family & friend vouchers and much more!

What is the price for the plan?
It starts at just $25 per seat.