Vickie Johnson Chat Transcript


As one of the original members of the New York Liberty, Vickie Johnson has played in her share of big games - showing off her pretty jumpshot, shutting down opposing players, to inspiring others with her passion for the game and for life.

In the 2003 preseason, Johnson nicknamed VJ, led the Liberty with 18 points in their first win over the Connecticut Sun. She finished the preseason averaging 8.4 ppg and 3.7 apg on 50 percent shooting from the floor.

In 2002 Johnson became the first Liberty and 11th WNBA player to record her 2,000th career point (2,142). The two-time WNBA All-Star has averaged more than 11 ppg during her six-year WNBA career while shooting 43 percent from the floor and 38 percent from three-point land. The 5-9 guard/forward is the pride and joy of first Shreveport, Louisiana and now the Big Apple.

VJ talked about life in New York, the funniest member of the Liberty and her friendship with T-Spoon when she chatted live on on May 23.

Houston: During the off-season you played in Italy with Linda Frohlich. How do you think that will carry over to this new WNBA season.

Vickie Johnson: I think it'll be a great thing. We pretty much know each other and our style. Where we like the ball at. It was a good opportunity to play and I could help her with a couple defensive things. Plus, we're in shape, and that helps.

jenn/nyc: vj you are a great player, how do you think that kb sharp and erin thorn will help to improve this team, also how excited are you and the rest of the team to have the allstar game in's to seeing plenty of liberty players on the rooster!!!

Vickie Johnson: First of all I think Erin and KB are great young talents. They'll have the same impact Becky has had on the team. I'm very excited for the All-Star Game. I was part of the first one here in NYC and it's the greatest place to play basketball. It would be nice to make it this year.

Barbara/NH: Hello Vickie. Since New York has the greatest fans in the league, what has been the best compliment or gift you have received from a fan?

Vickie Johnson: I think the compliment is just that people say they love to watch me play. They say I give it all I've got and play hard on every possession. They know I'm out there to win.

Washington DC: Hey VJ, How do you think Sue Wick's retirement will change the Liberty, mentally and atheletically. Go Liberty!

Vickie Johnson: Mentally, we're all devastated by the retirement. But hopefully we'll find someone who can bring the energy that Sue did. Hopefully Spoon and I will take over the leadership role. But we do need to find someone to come in and fill the energy void Sue left.

rashanti(pasco,wa): What advice would you give to all girls who want to play in the wnba in the future?

Vickie Johnson: I would personally say to work hard, listen to your coach. Make the sacrifices now, and you'll reap the reward 10 years from now. Maybe one day you and your homegirls want to go to the movies or whatever, but that's the time to work on your game. If young girls growing up today do that -- work hard and work on their games -- they'll have the same opportunity that we've had. Going to the WNBA is a big thing.

Nutty4Liberty (NJ): Who do you think will win the NBA Championship this season? GO NETS!

Vickie Johnson: It's pretty sad, because I like Jason Kidd. But I like Dallas with Nick Van Exel. And I love Duncan and San Antonio. I think if San Antonio beats Dallas, that they'll probably win the championship. But I think if Dallas advances, New Jersey will win. Overall, I'd say San Antonio.

VanRoc: How do you like the new jerseys?

Vickie Johnson: They are a nice cut, but I wish they were bigger. It's long, but it's regular. When you go for a loose ball, they come up. But I love the jerseys, especiallly the blue away jersey.

Jaime (NJ): What would you like to do once you retire from playing basketball?

Vickie Johnson: I would like to coach men's basketball. High school or junior college. I'd like to be a little different.

Rochelle: Where do you get your hair braided?

Vickie Johnson: I don't do it in the same place in Harlem anymore. My friend Sharon does it now.

Sarah Marie, Indiana: Who is the funniest player on the Liberty?

Vickie Johnson: Crystal Robinson, hands down.

Ness26: Which team in the East do you feel is most improved and will give the Liberty the most problems?

Vickie Johnson: I would say probably Indiana because of Natalie Williams and, of course, Tamika Catchings. I would say Indiana.

Chelsea, Titusville: How does it feel to not only play basketball with T-spoon, but to be her great friend?

Vickie Johnson: It's great. I've known her for a long time. We're both from Louisiana Tech. It's hard to put into words.

MJ (Bklyn): Do you have any goals set for this season ?

Vickie Johnson: Of course. I have personal and team goals. My team goals are to win the East. Actually to dominate the East. And to win the Championship. Not just get to the Dance but to win the Dance. I truly believe this is our year. I think we've found the missing pieces to the puzzle and we can finish the whole Dance this year.

Vickie Johnson: Thanks to the WNBA fans for writing in to me and supporting me. And come out and support us on June 1 against Washington. Get ready for the ride. It's gonna be a good one this year.