The Valentine’s Day Q&A

Valentine's Day: You either love it or hate it. It's always nice to feel adored and is in a loving mood this week. So we're serving up one of our Q&A's to our players, this time around with a heart-shaped theme. Take a look at what some of them had to say.

Best Valentine Day’s gift you’ve received ...

A diamond necklace. It was absolutely beautiful.
I've never had a boo on Valentine's Day, so this year, hopefully I'll get something good (wink, wink).
I never really have a Valentine, so I would say a card and chocolate. But not just any chocolate - turtles with pecans and caramel from my aunt.
A box that was made for me that had a lot of different things put together in it, from candy to little notes to pictures. It was very cute and creative.
Someone to share that special day with.
The best I have received were back when in school when you would make paper hearts and give little candies to almost everyone in class. Ahhh, those were the best days of our lives.
Worst Valentine Day’s gift you’ve given ...
I can't say that I have ever had the worst Valentine Day gift, but one year I got my Valentine's gift at 11:59 p.m. So when I finished opening it and saying the ooooos, awwwws, and that's so sweet. It was 12:00 and do you know what came after that? Happy Birthday! So I got one gift for my Valentine's Day and my birthday. Needless to say, we know what happened to that relationship.
Nothing. That's been my gift for about 24 years consistently.
Flowers, they die in like three days.
Nothing at all.
There wasn't a worst ... it's always the thought that counts.
Not sure, because the gifts I've got were pretty good.
Do you know me? I don't give bad ones, but you gotta be that lucky ONE in order to get the real deal gift.
Candy hearts: Classically cute or classically corny?
Classically cute. They are fun, although I don't get them much anymore. But, I remember when I was younger, a boy gave them to me and my friend. I was mad and told him, you can't give us both the same thing!
Classically cute, duh. They always bring back the kid in you when you receive or give them.
Def cute.
Classically cute.
Too chalky for me tastewise, but classically cute if you're putting together different phrases.
Classically cute.
Cute, in a li'l way. Not tasty in the least though!!
Store-bought or hand-made gifts?
Store-bought gift. That is my taste of nice gifts. Man, these Q&A's always find a way to make me look expensive. LOL. I just like nice things -there's a difference ;)
A few store bought items made up as one I did with my hands.
Store bought, but with much thought.
Store bought.
Hand -made is better or just being creative. Unless you're just doing the original candy and flowers.
A little of both. You need a place to buy the gifts you make. Sometimes flowers and time are the best you can give.
Eat at a restaurant or dine in?
A restaurant.
I love eating out, but for Valentine's day, I wouldn't mind dining in.
Both, maybe do brunch at home and dinner out. Or brunch out and dinner in. V-day is an all-day event.
Depends on the mood, but both could work.
It depends on the mood. I'm good for both.
Best romantic comedy ...
OMG! That list can go on forever, but I don't have a single favorite. A few that I really love and can watch over and over again are Pretty Woman, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Love Actually, Hitch and 13 Going on 30. Like I said, I can keep going. I love romantic comedy and action movies.
Love And Basketball. Duh, it's the best all around movie. The best romantic comedy in the world, hands down!
Coming to America and Love Jones.
Pretty Woman.
Wedding Crashers.
Imagine You and Me
Best romantic song ...
Again, this list can go on: Still in Love, Never Felt this Way - both by Brian McKnight) and Still in Love by Beyonce.
I Need Love by LL Cool J.
Something by Tamia or Adele.
Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder.
No Ordinary Love by Sade.
There are so many out there, it's hard to think of a really good one!
Watch the movie, the secret lies within.

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