Q&A: At USA Basketball Training Camp with Jessica Davenport

There's been little rest after the WNBA season for the Liberty's No. 2 Draft pick, Jessica Davenport, but she's not exactly complaining about it. Afterall, her September thus far has been spent playing with the elites of the women's game here in New York City.

NYLiberty.com grabbed some time between sessions at the women's senior national team's Training Camp to catch up with Davenport.

What was the first thing you did once you got home after the end of the season?
I rested and took some time to hang out with my family and visit some friends.

What have you done to prepare for Camp?
I definitely wanted to keep in shape from the season, so I maintained my work-out routine, which includes running and cardio.

What do you think is the most important lesson you'll learn from playing with the elites of the game right now in Camp?
I'm certain that I will gain better knowledge of the game. I know it will be a good experience for me to be playing with players who are more seasoned than I am, and have been through this level of competition before.

How have you been spending your downtime being back in New York?
We've been practicing very hard, so I make sure to get plenty of sleep. I have been just hanging out and going out to dinner.

Have you offered Candice (Parker), Sylvia (Fowles) or Courtney (Paris) any advice you learned from your rookie season or what you experienced last time you played with the national team?
Yeah, I did talk a little about my season with all three of them. And I'm sure we'll chat more in the coming weeks.

Who from the team have you been keeping in touch with?
I've been talking to Barb. I had to call her to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Have you talked to Tiff (Jackson) about playing in France together soon?
I haven't spoken to her since we left New York, but I know we're both looking forward to playing on the same team again. We know each other's style after playing the whole summer together.

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Reporting by Catherine Proto