Erin Thorn Chat Wrap

With less than a week remaining in the regular season, the New York Liberty's playoff dreams are still alive. Their chances got a huge boost on Sunday when Erin Thorn buried a game-winning shot at the buzzer to knock off the defending champion Detroit Shock.

In her fifth season in the WNBA, Thorn has put up career-best numbers in 2007, averaging 10.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists for the young Liberty squad.

Entering Tuesday's game against the Chicago Sky, the Liberty sit a half-game back of the Washington Mystics for the Eastern Conference's final playoff spot with four games remaining. Prior to the game, Thorn sat down to answer your questions. Here is what she had to say.

Marquel, New Mexico: After you made the game winning shot against Detroit, did that win give you and the team a little bit more confidence to win the next upcoming games you have to win to get into the final playoff spot in the east?

 Erin Thorn: (2:01 PM ET ) It's definitely a confidence boost. To finally win one of those close games definitely gives us a lift. We're going to take that into the game tonight against Chicago.

Kelsey, Derby, CT: Hi Erin, What is going to be your main goal going into the game today? Also, is their one specific person you are going to try to shut down?

 Erin Thorn: (2:02 PM ET ) Chicago has a lot of weapons so I'm not sure there's one specific person. We're trying to focus on ourselves and how we can get better even at this point in the season. We're a young team and we're trying figure our how to get better on the offensive and defensive ends.

Sherry, Brooklyn NY: Erin - What is the feeling in the locker room before each one of these important games that will either make or break your playoff chances?

 Erin Thorn: (2:04 PM ET ) We're trying to be super focused. We understand the importance of each game at this point in the season. But we're still not trying to be so tight that we can't play our game. So we're trying to find that happy medium between being focused and having fun.

Jett from Ithaca, NY: Congratulations on the winning points Sunday. We scared our dogs because we got so excited over the way the game ended!! This season has been a much better season than I expected. Have Patty and the other coaches been satisfied with the development of such a young team or were there goals they set that didn't quite get reached?

 Erin Thorn: (2:05 PM ET ) You'll have to ask Patty. I can't answer for her. We're just trying to get better every day. At this point we know what each other's strengths are and we play to those. We've had our ups and downs like any other team and we're trying to keep building.

Ernesto from Brooklyn, NY: While watching the Liberty games the team always seems to be so upbeat and always having fun. During the low points in this season how did the team manage to keep such a positive attitude?

 Erin Thorn: (2:06 PM ET ) It's a game. We get to play basketball for our jobs. Every team is going to have their ups and downs. No team hasn't lost a game. Yeah, we took our hits, but we try to learn from those games and hopefully get better.

Melissa Grove (Felton, PA): After the 2006 season, the Liberty roster underwent a lot of changes, including the addition of several younger players. As one of the few remaining veterans, how hard was it for you to step into a leadership position for the 2007 season?

 Erin Thorn: (2:07 PM ET ) I don't know that it was hard. We had a good group returning from last year's team and at the end of last year we were playing really well. We took confidence from that and tried to help out the new players, teach them the offensive and defenive schemes and go from there.

Jo Cali: Hello Erin, You are having a great season. Since Hammon was traded it is obvious that you get to show your skills. How does it feel to be in the spotlight and do you think that we will see you get better, stronger and a MVP candidate in the future? Shine on girl - Good Luck to you and the Liberty!

 Erin Thorn: (2:09 PM ET ) Everybody wants to play, so to get my chance, it's what everybody hopes for. I'm trying to do the best with the opportunity. I'm just trying to do what my team needs to win. If I need to score points, I'll do that. If the team needs stops, I'll do that. I don't get caught up in individual accolades.

Melissa Grove (Felton, PA): You've done some assistant coaching at BYU; Do you see a head coaching job (college or WNBA) in your future? If not, what career would you like to pursue after you retire from the WNBA?

 Erin Thorn: (2:11 PM ET ) I definitely got into the whole coaching thing at BYU to get some experience, so that is something I would like to do full-time. If I got a head coaching opportunity, I'd like to stay in the college game. But that's definitely something I want to do in the future.

Corina (Hammond, Indiana): Hi Erin, my question is what advice do you have for a fifteen year old girl trying to pursue a future career in the WNBA?

 Erin Thorn: (2:12 PM ET ) Always work harder than the next person and don't let anybody tell you can't. Those are the two biggest things. If you always work toward that goal and don't let anyone deter you, you'll have that opportunity.

sarah: provo, ut: How has becoming one of the main go-to players on your team helped with your overall confidence in playing?

 Erin Thorn: (2:13 PM ET ) At this level everyone is confident in their abilities, so you never really doubt yourself. But we have a bunch of great players on this team, so I've never really had to be the only go-to player. Some nights it's my night and other nights it's other players'. That's what makes it so fun playing on this team.

Anthony, San Jose, California: Hi Erin, How important has the perimeter game been to you guys over the season, and how would you like to see your team improve before the playoffs and next season?

 Erin Thorn: (2:15 PM ET ) The perimeter game has been very important, but we've gotten better in the post. When you've got people who can score outside and players who can score down low, it makes us hard to guard. We have to make sure to put ourselves in a position to succeed, and it's important to play hard. If we play hard for 40 minutes, we'll give ourselves a chance to win the game.

Kristen (CT): What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you throughout your basketball career?

 Erin Thorn: (2:17 PM ET ) It's been different at different stages. In high school, to win four straight championshps was awesome. In college, making it to the Sweet 16 in my junior year. In the pros, just being drafted was amazing and being able to play in the league is great. A few buzzer-beaters here and there are nice too.

 Erin Thorn: (2:18 PM ET ) Thanks for all the questions. Keep watching and cheering on the Liberty. Come the game on Friday against Connecticut and Sunday versus Chicago!