From The Court To The Clipboard - April 1, 2007

New York, NY – April 1, 2007 – She wears two hats: coach and player. Liberty 5’10” guard, Erin Thorn, is an assistant coach at Brigham Young University in the WNBA’s off-season. This year Erin helped lead the Cougars to a 23-9 record and an NCAA tournament berth where they fell to Louisville. Although Erin had hoped her team could have gone further in the tournament, she still has some thrilling basketball to watch. Here are Erin’s thoughts about the weekend:

Friday, March 30 (Pre Final Four):

This should be an exciting weekend for women's basketball. We have three games to watch this weekend that should be amazing. There are some great athletes playing in the Final Four in Cleveland, OH. I can't wait for that Tennessee versus UNC game that should be a fun one. This is what you strive for all season long and we're down to the end. These girls have a maximum of 80 minutes of basketball left this season. You had better believe they are going to leave everything on the floor! Tune in and catch all the action, I know I will be!


Sunday, April 1 (Post Final Four):

Wow, what a great day of basketball. I have to admit I was expecting two close games. I never would have thought that Rutgers would blow LSU out of the water like they did. LSU had been playing so well in the tournament that I figured the game would be a good one. I guess Rutgers is on a mission and out to prove people wrong! Coach Stringer really looks poised to win that elusive first National Championship. Only problem now is that they have a formidable opponent in Tennessee!

The second game was a good one with the two remaining number one seeds. The first half was tightly contested, but nothing compared to the second half! For a minute there, I really thought Latta was going to lead her team to the title game. Little did I know what Candace Parker and the Lady Vols had in mind. I remember the commentators saying after a timeout that Parker challenged her team to get five straight stops. That is exactly what they did and they took over from there on out.

Coach Summit versus Coach Stringer, that is one legendary match-up! I can only hope that the game is as legendary as those two coaches are. I have to admit that I will be rooting for the Lady Vols. I am somewhat torn, but I have to go with the best player in all of college basketball. As cool as it would be to see Coach Stringer get her first championship, I am a player before a coach and I have got to go with the player. Either way, I will be happy as long as it is a great game - close all the way to the final buzzer!