Third Annual Golden Maddie Awards!

Hollywood has the Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars). The Liberty has the Golden Maddies!

With the 82nd annual Academy Awards taking place on March 7, is rolling out the red carpet to announce itsáthird annual Golden Maddies ceremony.

We're a little more low-key than celebrities ľ no floor-length gowns, stalkarazzi or Sandra Bullock, but we do like to glam it up. The same way people tune into awards shows to see their favorite celebs do their magic, is very much like the legions of loyal fans who file into The World's Most Famous Arena every summer to see the Liberty dominate on the court.

With our players busy overseas, we can't hand out any actual awards, but what we can do is hold our own mock ceremony, where you cast your vote on categories relevant to the 2009 Liberty season. Leading up to the actual Oscars, we revealed new categories (and their Oscar equivalent) for theáthird annual Golden Maddies.

The categories for the third annual Golden Maddies were ů

First Category: Best Starter
(Oscar equivalent: Actress In A Leading Role)

Second Category: Best Reserve
(Oscar equivalent: Actress In A Supporting Role)

Third Category: Best Game
(Oscar equivalent: Best Picture)

Fourth Category: Best Dance Team
(Oscar equivalent: Best Visual Effects)

Fifth Category: Best Play
(Oscar equivalent: Short Film, Live Action)

Check back for the final results ...