Meet the Team: Erin Thorn

Erin Thorn #5
4th Season
Brigham Young ‘03

What did you do during the off-season?
I coached at Brigham Young University.

How do you relax during the season?
Trips to Vegas to visit friends, spending time with my family.

What is one of your hobbies?
Wakeboarding, rock climbing, anything in the outdoor sun.

What is your favorite food/cuisine?
I like pasta or sushi.

What’s your favorite type of technology?
My cell phone and my laptop.

How do you keep in touch with your friends and family during the season?
I talk on the phone, e-mail or IM on the computer, and sometimes they come and see us play.

Do you enjoy reading? What books do you like?
Yes. I love Nicholas Sparks; he is my favorite author.

What is your favorite part of playing in New York?
I love the fans and playing in The Garden.

What do you want to do when your playing career is over?
When I am done playing, I would like to coach full time.

Where were you/how old were you when the WNBA started and when did you decide that you wanted to play in the league?
I was 14 and playing AAU basketball. Ever since it started, I wanted to play in the WNBA.