Training Camp Update: Guard Lisa Willis

With one week of Training Camp in the books, the Liberty is settling into Week Two to prepare for the upcoming pre-season match-up against the Mystics on Thursday, May 8. is checking in with the team to see how it’s been so far and what they’re doing to prepare for the 2008 season.

Today, we’re talking to guard Lisa Willis about her first time in New York’s Training Camp. Willis joined the Liberty roster in June last year after a trade with the Los Angeles Sparks.

How do you think the team is doing in Camp?
The team is doing well. We’re obviously missing some key players, so it puts a twist into it. Just about everyone here is a newcomer, but we’re grasping ideas quickly and trying to gel for when everyone else gets back. Everyone here is going hard, and at the end of the day, we can say that we’ve left it all out on the court.

What’s Camp been like for you individually?
It’s going great. I feel myself getting better. I’m drained, but not all the way, though. We’re working hard. Even going one a day with a high level of intensity can be draining. The competition is good, but most importantly, I feel myself getting better everyday.

Other than the obvious reason (since you were in Los Angeles last year), what is the difference from last year’s Camp to this year’s?
My finger was broken at this point last year. I broke it playing overseas in the off-season. This year I get to run with a purpose, since I couldn’t catch or shoot last year at this time. I was just trying to get in shape. This year, I’m glad to be in Camp here because I can connect with a lot of Patty’s philosophies. I can totally understand what she wants from me. When I got here last year [in June], I missed all of this important stuff.

Do you feel like your overseas experience this year was more valuable because you were healthy?
I felt like after playing in Turkey, the stuff I was working on there, I could put it to use here. I worked so hard last year, and to end up injured and come into Camp that way, it was like having to start all over again. But this year, I worked on some good stuff and can definitely bring it to the table here.

What are you eating now that you’re in training, do you change it up at all?
It’s not the same diet as I have had lately, because it’s not Turkish food all the time. Now, I stay away from fast food and try not to eat late at night. I am drinking a lot of water.

So that sounds like Turkish food wasn’t all that appetizing.
They had good dishes, but not enough good ones for the whole week. So being there for three months, the food didn’t stretch.

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