Swin Cash Embraces New York

Three time WNBA champion Swin Cash discusses making a playoff push and looks forward to the final chapter of her career ending in New York, hopefully with a championship.

How did the trade to bring you to New York come about?
I really found out day of. I knew New York was interested in me in the beginning of the season before I moved from Chicago to Atlanta. Fast-forward to now, my agent called me and said, “I’m hearing stuff”. I knew it was a possibility and I was ready for anything. I was watching a WNBA game on Live Access when I got the call from Angela Taylor and the New York Liberty. I was told New York needed me there the next day. I got into the city and immediately joined the team without any practice. I went straight to shoot-around and played a game with the Liberty. It moved fast… I had settled in with Atlanta, took on my role with that team and I didn’t ask to leave; it wasn’t that kind of a thing. Leaving Atlanta was hard because of the relationships I built with my teammates, especially the younger players. But I’m a person of faith and believe things happen for a reason.

What were your first thoughts when you heard you would were going to be reunited with Bill Laimbeer?
(Laughs) “Here we go again”. That was the easy part. I knew I would have someone familiar to be with. No adaptations needed. We know how to handle each other. We had a private conversation before I came.

Is everything cool between you and Bill Laimbeer?
Things happened in the past. I wrote about it in my book. We talked about it and we’ve moved on; we’ve grown. We had to move on. We’re two people working it out.

What did Bill Laimbeer tell you he wants from you in New York?
I’m used to being in that role of stability. I understand how to win. I understand the things that need to happen in practice in order for the team to win. I can bring that. Bill has let me know from A-to-Z his expectations. This team is in a dogfight to make the playoffs. We need to make our move now, we can’t wait until the end and hope other teams lose; we have to take it now.

You’ve been a part of three WNBA championship teams. What does it take for a team to be championship caliber?
It takes mental toughness. Talented teams need to have chemistry and toughness in order to fight and win one. I take mental toughness personal. I don’t associate myself with the word fragile. Toughness means executing when tired or rallying against a run.

How has your role changed as you transition from the Atlanta Dream to the New York Liberty?
In Atlanta I wasn’t going to play significant minutes. I was helping younger players come along. We had the firepower; I would focus on the little things. In New York we need to score, we need transition points, we need to be aggressive and attack the basket. I can help get us back to that mentality. I’ll need to be a threat every time I’m on the court, whether I’m on offense or on defense. There’s a laundry list, but I’m excited about it.

What do you want to accomplish with the New York Liberty?
People will never remember your stats or your MVP award; people will remember your trophies. What better place than to fight and win in than New York? I’m excited to be a part of something special and for me I believe this will be the last stop of my journey. I even went back to wearing number 32 because my mom said to me, “You need to end it where it began”.