Meet the Starters: Kelly Schumacher

Kelly Schumacher #17
6th Season
Connecticut '01

How do you relax during the season?
I stay in and watch a movie or hang out with friends.

Do you enjoy traveling, and if so, where?
Yes, I have enjoyed travelling during the off-season and playing in many different countries: South Korea, Russia, Turkey, China and Spain.

What is your favorite food/cuisine, and do you like to cook?
I would say Italian … And yes, I can cook certain dishes but I really like to bake. My specialty right now is cheesecake.

What are your favorite sports besides basketball?
Beach volleyball and soccer.

What kind of television shows do you like (drama, talk shows, sitcoms, etc)?
Drama: Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, Lost and Alias.

Are you interested in fashion? What kind of style do you enjoy wearing?
I love fashion. I like to pay attention to the twists and turns of the fashion world. I wear what I like, various styles.

Are you involved in any business ventures?
I'm involved in real estate investments.

Are you involved with any charities?
Not at the moment, but I'm interested in forming my own, most likely something for kids.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
At that time I wanted to create the "Women's NBA."

What do you want to do or accomplish during your time in New York?
I would love for our team to win a WNBA Championship.