Spencer Talks Turkey

Thanksgiving may not be a holiday that all basketball players get to enjoy and celebrate with family and friends, given their busy schedules. However that's not to stop them from reminiscing about their treasured holiday traditions and what they're thankful for this time of year.

Guard Sidney Spencer has been faced with being separated from her family on Thanksgiving, however that wasn't about to stop her from reflecting on what she's most thankful for and starting a new tradition. Currently competing in Poland, Spencer took a moment to give NYLiberty.com the scoop on her favorite memories, meal and more.

Does your family have any specific Thanksgiving traditions other than getting together for dinner?
Whenever the Spencers get together, a major card game is going down! We play Spades and whoever plays with my Grandma always wins!! She is a serious card-shark and this game is very intense! Now, since I am never there for Thanksgiving, the card game must wait until Christmas, but a new tradition has started. My parents come to visit me wherever I am in the world. So for the Second Annual European Thanksgiving, my parents will be coming to Poland for the big feast!! Whoever wants to join, we would love to have them!

What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?
Turkey and desserts!

Do you take a nap after a long day of feasting?
Isn't that a must?

What are you thankful for this year?
Health, safety, a job, my family. It's easy to be wrapped up in all the negative in this world, I have too many blessings to count!

What is/was your Thanksgiving weekend typically like?
All aunts, uncles, cousins and more travel to the grandparents house for the largest throw-down in Alabama!! My grandparents always have the turkey and ham, my brothers fry a turkey (this is when the card game goes on), everyone else brings side dishes and desserts and we just hang out. There is always some basketball, football or the Macy's parade in the background, but mainly we just talk. Then, after the meal, we head outside to throw the football! Finally, before we leave, we draw names for Secret Santa Christmas gifts =). Somewhere in there, a nap takes place!

What is Thanksgiving like overseas?
My parents and I cook the big meal and we also Skype my grandparents house and talk to everyone there!

Were you able to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family while in college or was your basketball season already under way?
I was always at Tennessee and a few times, we were on ESPN for the prime time Feast Week game or in the Virgin Islands for a Tournament. Not a bad way to celebrate!!

Is Thanksgiving & its traditions a holiday worthy of missing and you’re more so looking forward to Christmas?
It's so nice to really think about all the things I am thankful for and following up with it. Maybe telling someone how much they mean to me, or writing a note to encourage a friend that I am thankful for are a few ways I express my "thankfulness.'

Have you introduced Thanksgiving to any of your teammates overseas?
Of course, and they are invited to dinner if they want to come!

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