2nd Annual Golden Maddies: Best Gardenvision Music Video

The nominees for the second annual Golden Maddies Best Gardenvision Music Video (Oscar equivalent: Music - Song) are as follows. Cast your vote at the bottom of the page and stay tuned for the next category.



Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline is practically a staple in every sports venue these days, and Madison Square Garden is no exception. The Liberty prove that they not only bring quality basketball and entertainment to the table, but they can also carry a tune when it comes to this hit.

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Nothing gets a crowd going quite like some old school rapping. Various members of the team, including Shameka Christon, Cathrine Kraayeveld, Ashley Battle and Leilani Mitchell take a stab at mastering these unforgettable lyrics.

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Sure, no one on last year's roster was alive before 1981, but that didn't stop the team from belting out this disco tune from Sister Sledge for the Liberty faithful.

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Ashley Battle leads the way as "The Gloved One," in the Liberty's take on the 1980's classic Thriller. Professional basketball players donning Halloween make-up in the middle of the summer and also showing they have some dance moves? It's an instant Garden classic.

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