Have You Renewed?

With the renewal deadline for season tickets just around the corner, NYLiberty.com went on a search to find just some of those who have booked their ticket for the Liberty's ride through the 2010 WNBA season in The World's Most Famous Arena.

Below, we get the skinny straight from some our season subscribers who renewed for next summer ...

Loretta of Brooklyn sits in Section 106, has been a subscriber since 2000 and attends all the games with her daughter Nyree. Loretta renewed at the Liberty's annual season subscriber event and says what made the night even more special was that it was her first time visiting Central Park. "I can always say the Liberty were the first to bring me to Central Park!"

Anne-Marie of Ringwood sits in Court 15 and is coming off of her first full season as a Liberty subscriber. Anne-Marie renewed at the September 8th game when New York hosted Indiana. She paid in full because she couldn't go a summer without her Liberty tickets.

Artof West Nyack has been a subscriber since 1998. In memory of his sister, whom he used to attend all the games with, Art continues to renew his tickets each year to carry on their tradition in Section 210.

Rose of Brooklyn sits in Section 71 and has been a subscriber since 1998. Attending every game throughout the summer, Rose says her cheering section supports the Libs win or lose, because they love the team.

Susan of Brooklyn renewed her season tickets because she loves "supporting Liberty basketball and I have a great time at the games. The players are always friendly and accessible, which makes my experience even more special." Susan has been a subscriber since 1998 and sits in Section 62.

James and Ruth of Manhattan reside in Section 82. They were originally introduced to the Liberty when a season subscriber brought them to a game; and they fell in love with the team. They feel the Liberty is "the most entertaining and best sports value in New York City." They were also "very impressed with the camaraderie between coaches, players and fans -- itís a true family!" James and Ruth have since referred their daughter to become a season subscriber, and some friends have even purchased partial plans. The couple has been subscribers since 2008.

Have you renewed? Get on board for the Liberty's 2010 campaign at Madison Square Garden, renew online or by calling (212) 465-6073. We'll see you next summer!