Rebecca Lobo

January 22, 1997: Rebecca Lobo (F/C) is assigned to the WNBA's New York franchise in the league's first player allocation.

#50 Rebecca Lobo Connecticut '95 (Allocated to the Liberty, 1997)
Born October 6,1973 in Hartford, CT; 6-4, 180
Three-point goals: 31-104, .298
Playoff Totals:268921.429712.583184042512.5
Three-point goals: 1-7, .143
Barbara Farris
  1. What is your current occupation? Where is it?

    I work as a basketball analyst for ESPN covering games all over the country.

    On game days, I go to the arena in the morning and watch the teams conduct shooting practices. I then talk to players and coaches to get some more information that could help me when calling the game that night. During the game, I analyze what is happening on the court.

    On non game days, I read newspaper articles about the WNBA teams and watch games on TV or WNBA Live Access so that I'll be prepared and knowledgeable for the next game I cover.
  2. How has life changed since you stopped playing professional basketball?

    My personal life has completely changed. I am now the mother of four young children.
  3. What has the WNBA accomplished in the past 15 years? How did that affect where you are now?

    The WNBA is remarkable -- the fact that it has lasted 15 years is wonderful. Without my seven years in the WNBA, my life would be completely different today. I don't think I would have gotten the professional opportunities I have gotten and I wouldn't have had lived in the different cities that I did while playing.
  4. Do you have any regrets since you've stopped playing professional basketball?

    None whatsoever. I retired at the perfect time... I got married right before my final season in the W and I knew I wanted to start a family. Things have gone very well for me in terms of my family and I still get to have my basketball "fix" by covering games throughout the year.
  5. What do you miss about the Liberty?

    I really loved living in New York City. Playing in the garden was a special experience too. I miss coming into the locker room and laughing with players like Sue Wicks, Spoon, and Becky Hammon.
  6. Do you have anything to say to the current Liberty players?

    Enjoy every moment you have playing in the WNBA. Of course there are difficult and trying times throughout a season and a career, but very few people get to play professional basketball in the league. Soak up every experience and minute you are on the court. Even the longest professional basketball careers are short in the scheme of life -- so enjoy every practice and game.