21 Questions with Cappie Pondexter

In March 2010, the New York Liberty acquired WNBA superstar Cappie Pondexter from the Phoenix Mercury in a three-team trade. Since being selected 2nd overall in the 2006 WNBA draft, Pondexter has been named to three All-Star teams, and has won two WNBA Championships including a Finals MVP award in 2007. She will look to build on her fantastic inaugural season with the Liberty, where she averaged 21.4 points per game in 2010.

1. What's your background?

I was born in Oceanside, CA. My dad was in the Marines, and we moved to Chicago by the age of six. I was born in Oceanside, CA where my dad was in the Marines. We moved to Chicago when I was six. I attended a Christian school there, and they didnít have a girlsí basketball team, so I tried out for the boysí team. Thatís where it all kind of began for me in the city of Chicago.

2. What is your favorite pregame meal?

I love to eat pasta and salad.

3. What is your favorite movie?

Finding Forester

4. What is your favorite cereal?

Capín Crunch/Crunch Berries

5. What is your favorite show/channel?

NBA TV/Fashion TV

6. What is your favorite sneaker brand?


7. What is your shoe size?

Womenís Size 10/40s

8. What is your biggest fear?

Losing someone close to me

9. What item do you always leave your house with?


10. What is your favorite chewing gum?


11. What are your biggest Interests?

I love to play basketball, of course. I also like to shop, eat, and go out and enjoy myself with close friends and family.

12. What is your favorite color?


13. What is your favorite animal?

Small puppies

14. What is your favorite holiday?


15. What is your favorite childhood story?

I tried to impress my brother and his friends dribbling the basketball between my legs, and it wasnít pretty. Of course this was when I was first learning to play the game of basketball..

16. Who is your basketball idol?

Michael Jordan

17. What is your favorite city/state?

New York and Chicago, of course!

18. What other sports did you play when you were younger?

I ran track to help me get in shape for basketball season.

19. What age did you start playing basketball?

I played my first official game at 10 years old.

20. What is your biggest pet peeve?

When people are not honest or true to themselves.

21. Is there anything embarrassing you want to admit?

Well, the other day I was texting and ran into a glass window, which I thought was a door. The sound was so loud. All of my teammates and people in the restaurant ran to see if I was ok. It was definitely embarrassing!!

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