Liberty Profiles: Erlana Larkins

All summer long, has been sitting down with a member of the Liberty to get up close and personal with your favorite players. We continue with rookie forward Erlana Larkins.

NY Liberty: One word to describe your personality off the court?

Larkins: Silly!

NY Liberty: Whatís a non-athletic talent that you have?

Larkins: Dancing.

NY Liberty: Whatís the best concert you ever attended?

Larkins: Iíve actually never been to a concert.

NY Liberty: Well if you could star in a music video, who would it be with?

Larkins: Beyonce or Shakira.

NY Liberty: Whatís your dream job?

Larkins: To become a homicide detective.

NY Liberty: Nobody knows how much you like what?

Larkins: Law enforcement shows.

NY Liberty: What are your favorites?

Larkins: Law and Order: SVU and First 48.

NY Liberty: Whatís a super power you wish you had?

Larkins: To be able to transport though time.